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Will the uv photolysis lamp in the photolysis equipment explode due to too high temperature?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-12

So which processes produce waste gas that contains a lot of water vapor during treatment? For example, spraying waste gas, food processing plants, pesticide series, some chemical plants, and the production of fish bone meal, etc. The waste gas generated by these processes contains a large amount of water vapor, which generally adopts the traditional catalytic combustion method. However, this treatment method has a huge investment and is mainly used to treat high concentration and low air volume, especially the waste gas containing excessive water vapor concentration. Comparatively speaking, the uv photolysis light catalytic oxidation method of bright moon technology covers a small area, has low energy consumption and small investment, and is mainly used to treat waste gas with large air volume and low concentration, that is to say, for manufacturers specializing in photolysis equipment, if the problem of large water vapor is involved, pre-treatment and drying can be carried out.

There is another problem about the explosion of uv lamps. First of all, uv photolysis lamps will not produce this self-explosion phenomenon. Because the tube material of the tube is made of quartz glass, and its hardness is very high. If there is no strong collision or blow by external force, there will be no rupture or burst. If the waste gas contains large particles of solidified substances, it is recommended to undergo pre-treatment adsorption first, and then the photolysis equipment is better, so as to avoid the danger caused by the strong impact of large particles on the tube body due to excessive air volume.

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