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Why Should You Install UV Germicidal Lamp For Home

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-12-19

What is Ultraviolet (UV) light? You might automatically think of the sun. You might have been warned of many negative effects of UV, such as causing summer tans, causing skin cancer, damaging the immune system, aging skin, and so on. Indeed, too much exposure to UV light is harmful and dangerous. However, if properly used at home, it can do wonders in improving indoor air quality, keeping you and your family breathing cleaner and living much healthier.? 

Here are some of the main benefits of using a UV germicidal lamp for home. 

1.Using a UV germicidal lamp can effectively prevent cold and flu 

Filters, to some extent, do well in straining contaminants out of the air circulation for your home. But unfortunately, no matter how best the filters are, they can stop the extremely tiny particles like germ, bacteria, and viruses. These unnoticeable particles can easily slip through the filters to everywhere and then grow without restriction. That’s where a UV germicidal lamp comes to play. By deactivating the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, the lamp can effectively prevent them from spreading and growing. It also kills the existing germ and bacterial, keeping air healthier to breathe. Don’t worry. Although it proves absolutely deadly to bacteria and viruses, it is perfectly safe for human beings and animals. 

2.UV germicidal lamp helps reduce unpleasant smells at home 

In summer, especially in the raining season, the air is often heavy with moisture. Lots of dampness would get trapped in air vents, ducts, and other enclosed spaces, leading to unwelcome growth of mold and mildew which produce an unpleasant musty smell. 

Using a UV germicidal lamp for home can eliminate smells for good and make the air more breathable, fresher, and healthier as it is rather effective in biologically killing all odor-causing particles in the air, such as mold spores and build-ups without using any chemicals. Are you tired of living in a musty and thick-smelling home? Do you feel desperate about dealing with mold breeding in the dark and damp corners? If so, a UV germicidal lamp is exactly what you looking for! 

3.UV germicidal lamp helps reduce your energy bill 

When you integrate a UV light to your HVAC system, you can significantly save your home’s energy about 35%. In fact, UV light itself doesn’t make big difference in the reduction of home’s overall energy consumption. But it works effectively in maximizing the performance of your HVAC system, thereby reducing its power consumption. When you consider saving the energy cost of your HVAC system, you can start to think about installing a UV germicidal lamp for home.

4.UV germicidal lamp helps reduce the maintenance of your HVAC system 

You should realize that as your HVAC system ages, it would have lower capacity due to the buildup of contaminants. You have to arrange regular maintenance to guarantee the normal functioning of the system. For example, air filters should be changed at least twice a year; otherwise, germs, bacteria, and other harmful particles could easily make their way into the air. Fortunately, when a UV germicidal lamp installed, the maintenance would become much simpler. You only need to replace the light bulb after a few years. The replacement only takes several minutes. 

5.Installing a UV germicidal lamp for home is a cost-effective investment

When you add a UV lighting device to your HVAC system, you are also helping keep the system clean. That’s why lots of modern homeowners consider its installation to be rather cost-effective. However, if you are considering installing a UV germicidal lamp for home, it would be better to consult suggestions from a professional technician first. There are many factors that can impact the efficiency of this technology, such as the number of UV lamps used, where and how they are placed, as well as the humidity level of your home. 

6.Other benefits of using a UV germicidal for home 

Help Sleep Better - Airborne allergens that can lead to sleep apnea, grumpiness, and irritation can be effectively eliminated by a UV germicidal lamp, leaving you with clean and fresh air to sleep soundly at night. Work Well In Humid Climates - The UV light is effective in humid conditions, sometimes even delivering better results than drier climates. When in the rainy season, you will find it extremely helpful. 

Installing a UV germicidal lamp for home is certainly a worthy investment when you take all the health-related and economic value into account. Everyone can benefit from that, but especially for family who just welcomed a new baby and with elders. These two groups are very vulnerable to colds and flu. Now, are you ready to boost your home indoor air quality and improve the safety and quality of life??      


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