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Why portable UV sterilizer is useful?

Why portable UV sterilizer is useful?


The portable UV sterilizer is used very wide in your house, it can purify the air, eliminate musty flavor, second outside still can produce a certain amount of negative oxygen ion, the room that passes ultraviolet disinfection, the air is particularly fresh. In public places, through ultraviolet disinfection, can avoid some germs through the air or by the surface of the transmission. Therefore the effect of the portable sterilizer is very good.

Application range of the portable UV sterilizer:

UVC is proved to be effective to kill the bacteria and other microbes and lead to its disability of reproduction. Portable UV light sterilization is a physical method, without adding any chemical. As UV is safe and effective for sterilization, it’s widely used in many applications, including air purify, water and surface sterilization.

The portable uv c light sterilizer can be widely used in wardrobe, vehicle, cabinet, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, wand, telephone, notebook, pet space, underwear, socks, bra, nail clippers, makeup tools, toothbrush, gloves, helmet, hotel, traveling and so on.


The portable uv sterilizer products' precautions

1.Do not look straight in the portable uv sterilizer.People, plants and animals should stay away from it when using it.

2.Do not use the portable sterilizer product in the fridge

3.Double sterilization:Use uv and ozone to kill bacteria, fungi, mites, pathogens and other microorganisms, up to 99.9percent

4.Removal of toxic gas:Ozone has very strong oxidation, can quickly exude decompose chemical material and peculiar smell, have a very good effect to purify All Kinds of a strange smell, formaldehyde, benzene, may effectively purify the air that decorates a construction newly

5.Deodorization:Deodorize your sneakers and give your sneakers, kitchen and pet house a new overall feel

6.Rechargeable:The portable uv sterilizer wand ia little and rechargeable design Which Can Be used easily

7.Broad applicability:The portable uvc germicidal light is suitable for all kinds of box shoes - sports, leather, casual, fabric sneakers, even boots and other similar footwear


How to choose the best portable uv sterilizer lamp?

Ozone free UV sterilization lamp give out high UVC emission, which is effetive for sterilization and disinfection when the UV light is working. Suggested to used in living room, bedroom, office etc

Ozone genearted UV sterilization lamp give out UVC emission also ozone. Ozone is good for odor removal. The best uv room sterilizer issSuggested to use in washroom, kitchen etc


220V 50HZ 38W Portable UVC Sterilization Lamp' Product parameters


  • Product Name
    UVC sterilization lamp uv air sanitizer
  • Power
  • volatge
  • frequency
  • suggestion application area
    <=40square meter
  • product size 
  • packaging size
  • Time selection
    remote control or AI

Professional portable uv sterilizer lamp manufacturer

 Guangdong Liangeyuliang Photoelectric Technology is a professional optoelectronic enterprise that takes the lead in applying UV technology to waste air treatment and water treatment. The company is one of the high-tech enterprises integrating R&D, production and sales of uv light sanitizer, portable uv sterilizer and related uv light sanitizer machine products.


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