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Why is ultraviolet lamp black and not the cause of the light?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-24
Ultraviolet light bulbs on the market at present the use of more and more widely, more customers bring convenient at the same time also save a lot of time, however, in use process will often appear some problems, such as ultraviolet lamp used for a long time will be yellow and black. A: so, what's the main reason is that, by the bright moon technology test. Come to the conclusion that the following uv lamp the reasons for the clarinet; A, uv lamp is not bright black start 1, hello analysis are two causes ultraviolet tube leakage point light and lamp power rectifier does not match point out the new lamp or some haven't use the lamp, but a light, after the filament parts will have a mass of black, this is a mercury vapor, ultraviolet germicidal lamp. Set around the filament of mercury began after evaporation, when it is heated up the wall and volatile, more and more pale, later disappear. 2, fluorescent lamp, Including energy-saving lamps) , is to rely on side lights ( Tungsten) Wire to the other end of the lamp ( Tungsten) Wire transmission electron and electron bombardment mercury atoms, the mercury atoms emit 254 nm uv germicidal lamp, stimulate phosphor, and glowing. Lamp ( Tungsten) During launch electronic wire, more or less to bring out some tungsten and tungsten splashed lamp tube wall, make lamp black. When tungsten tungsten splash somewhere to a certain extent, it will be broken. To turn on the light again, because the entire line impassability, if only slightly dark light, light is broken, the quality of this lamp has a problem. Second, there are black spots on the uv lamp not blackened the tubes, the light is not bright but serious black the tubes, tube wouldn't light after short term use, often see there is a black dot by filament, and with the use longer and is more and more big, obvious energy-saving lamp tube. The reason is that more and more thin the tubes, power is more and more big, the filament is more and more long, filament electrode is more and more close to the wall, in every light preheating, if when the ion bombardment, was attached to the wall easily and cause the black dot, can produce such a reason has the following several ways: 1. In the process of using the power error is too big. 2. Frequent switch too many times. 3. Starting voltage is too high or preheat time is wrong, flash jump too many times. 4. Ballast preheating current is too large. 5. Starting voltage too high or insufficient preheat time electronic ballasts. Three, ultraviolet lamp tube wall yellow black first, are you sure the lamp is ultraviolet lamp. If no problem, so may be the power and don't match the tubes, tube not to use uv condition. In the production process, if heated baking process, such as exhaust smoke is not perfect, will the residual hydrogen, it will also combine with mercury and metamorphism, pollution of the fluorescent powder, medical bulbs. If the new bulbs that occurs, it is - bad tubes ( Yellow black) 。 Other tubes soda-lime glass or high lead glass contain a large amount of sodium, in the process of lamps, sodium will precipitate out of the glass tube, combined with mercury, and become sodium amalgam, deposit on the fluorescent powder layer, fluorescent powder metamorphism. Four there sundry many discharge lamp, uv lamp, uv germicidal lamp, basically all is the use of mercury vapor pressure, and other various heterogeneous metals with mixed gas, put into a vacuum glass cavity in the body, infrared heat lamp. Many cannot little one element in the lamp: mercury, the mercury is not completely evaporate before, its shape is granular form in the torch. Other metals would like dirt attached to the wall, in some transparent tubes, particularly clear, generally speaking this is normal phenomenon. Five, the uv lamp ring black circle uv lamp with longer, metal halide lamp, filament, surrounded by a ring of black ring, because every time when the light generated by the cathode ions are heavier, also failed to timely with electronic towards the anode, the cause is deposited on the wall, this is a natural phenomenon, has nothing to do with the lamp life and photosynthetic efficiency. The above is the cause of the uv lamp black several big key, though not all, but for some friends must be very practical, it has the use of ultraviolet lamp have a very good maintenance effect. To learn more, please continue to pay attention to our website updated in real time!
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