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Why is LED disinfection daylight box the first choice?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-12
Why does the LED disinfection solar box make the major MM people like it? This is a small box that can easily disinfect makeup tools. Li Jiaqi has planted grass and really likes to give it to everyone in the first place. The bright moon brand has become the current net red product, moreover, the taste-removing and disinfection sunlight treasure box has become the favorite of all major MM, which can not only disinfect the cosmetics used in daily life but also be used as a storage box! Of course, they also appear on major Taobao live broadcast platforms, with daily sales reaching millions! Recently, my face suddenly began to have acne, and sometimes there were signs of allergies. I never thought it was caused by the cosmetic bag 'not taking a bath. Like many young ladies, I usually go out to have a beautiful makeup. The cosmetics in the cosmetic bag are full, but I have never cared about the problem of disinfecting makeup tools, almost ruined his face! Do you know? A makeup brush that has been used for a week may contain millions of bacteria. Once I saw the bacterial test of the Korean media kbs TV reporter, the breathability of the puff provided a very good environment for the growth of bacteria. After two weeks of use, the number of bacteria in the puff increased by 18 times, up to 1800 . . . . . . Eye shadow brush, brush, blush brush, these makeup tools that are in close contact with the skin every day, if not disinfected, may cause eye allergies or skin allergies. OMG ~ Really scared! What are the characteristics and functions of LED disinfection and deodorization solar box? (1) professional disinfection LED disinfection daylight treasure box built-in 10 super LED lamp beads, just like 10 small suns to disinfect your makeup tools. Up to 99. The sterilization rate of 9% takes only 3 minutes to disinfect makeup tools, which is better than 6 hours of sun exposure. (2) to remove peculiar smell, cosmetic bags and makeup tools will be permanent and will have a musty smell. After disinfection with this LED to disinfect the sunlight treasure box, there will be no strange smell at all! (3) safe and reliable LED ultraviolet disinfection belongs to pure physical disinfection, without the risk of chemical residue, and it is really reassuring to use. 4, disinfection and storage, a box of multi-purpose, not only makeup tools, watches, headphones, earrings, jewelry necklaces, glasses can be put into disinfection. In addition to disinfection, I usually use it as a storage box, disinfection and dust-proof, to avoid cross-infection, using this baby box is addictive! Since the LED disinfection of the Sun box, there has been no problem of skin allergy or acne. Because of its small size, I also bring it when I go out. My makeup babies can come to a thorough disinfection anytime and anywhere. Everyone must also pay attention to ducks! The above is today to everyone 'LED disinfection daylight treasure box why will become the first choice for many MM? 'All the content, later on the bright moon is not very familiar with can continue to explore other pages to continue to understand!
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