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Why do UV lamps use Transformers?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-02

UV lamp? UV lamp is short for UV lamp tube, UV is UV (Ultra-Violet Ray)The English abbreviation. UV lamp is actually a gas discharge lamp. Gas discharge lamps are divided into two types: Arc discharge and glow discharge. Arc discharge lamps often use UV fixed-line lamps. Second, the working principle of UV lamps: add quantitative high-purity mercury into the vacuum quartz tube to generate voltage difference between the two electrodes of the quartz tube (Pressure Drop) , Produce ion discharge, and then produce ultraviolet radiation. The power of UV lamp needs to be met (Generally 8 0-120 W/cm); The maximum life of UV lamp is recommended not to exceed 1200 hours, and it is recommended to replace the UV lamp with a new one within 1000 hours at most; The UV lamp is not used every 500 hours, and it is replaced by another UV lamp that can be used. Three, what is UV special transformer: UV transformer is UV lamp (Ultraviolet lamp tube) Special transformer, this product adopts the principle of magnetic flux leakage and pressure generation, and is a dry-type transformer used in special occasions. Four, what is a capacitor: a capacitor, usually referred to as its ability to hold charge as a capacitor, expressed by the letter C. Definition 1: Capacitor, as its name implies, IS'Container for electricity', Is a device that holds electric charges. English name: capacitor. Capacitor is one of the electronic components widely used in electronic equipment. It is widely used in circuit through cross, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning loop, energy conversion, control and other aspects. Definition 2: Capacitor, any two conductors insulated from each other and very close apart (Including wires)They all form a capacitor. Five, why do UV lamps use transformers and triggers? 1. It is not the transformer, but the ballast and the trigger. The high voltage is generated when the power is connected. 2, increase the starting voltage, because the UV high pressure mercury lamp must be matched with the corresponding capacitor, the transformer can be used. Various capacitors are needed in electronic production, which play different roles in the circuit. As the name implies, a capacitor is'A container for storing electric charges'. Despite the variety of capacitors, their basic structure and principle are the same. The basic functions of capacitors are charging and discharging, but many Circuit phenomena extended by this basic charging and discharging function make capacitors have various uses, for example, in electric motors, use it to produce a phase shift; In the photographic flash, it is used to generate high-energy instantaneous discharge and so on. However, in electronic circuits, there are many uses of different properties of capacitors. Although many different uses are completely different, they all come from charging and discharging. The above is a basic introduction to why UV lamps should use transformers compiled for everyone. I hope it can be useful to everyone!

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