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Where the purchase of ultraviolet disinfection lamp to see?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-04
Where the purchase of ultraviolet disinfection lamp to see? 1. See ultraviolet disinfection lamp according to the specifications of 15 w, 20 w, 30 w and 40 w, use voltage of 220 v. According to using need space such as area: 20 ㎡ - 50 ㎡ choose different power of ultraviolet disinfection lamp, in principle, the greater the power, the better. 2. See ultraviolet disinfection lamp according to the electric voltage of subsection, mainly divided into: high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage. Daily sterilization application, give priority to with low pressure. According to the national standard, the average life expectancy for 8000 hours. Some good ultraviolet germicidal lamp life 3 has reached 13000 hours. See light source according to the light source points can be divided into: low pressure mercury lamp and UV
the LED light source. UV ultraviolet mercury lamp used in low pressure mercury lamp, using low pressure mercury vapor is triggered after emit ultraviolet light; UVLED ultraviolet disinfection lamp is using the LED light source. Both low pressure mercury lamp UV disinfection lamp and UV LED ultraviolet disinfection lamp
is a very effective way of sterilization. Low pressure mercury lamp, different hair spectral line basically has two: one is 253. 7 nm wavelength; Another is 185 nm wavelength, and the two are invisible to the naked eye of ultraviolet light.
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