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Where can use ultraviolet germicidal lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-20
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp in those places are available? Bright moon for your next conclusion: air, water, surface disinfection disinfection ultraviolet ray can provide microbial total health air content is low, it improved the health of the pharmaceutical and food processing industry with storage conditions. Airborne microbes such as viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi, such as pollution and food raw materials. Due to ultraviolet short-wave have strong sterilization effect, so it can reduce the content of microorganism in the air. Microbial SNA once receive short-wave uv radiation in the body, its structure will be damaged and lose activity, so as to be exterminated. In dealing with - Packaging - Storage process, at the entrance by air through air pipe can be disinfected, make the air medium containing low total number of bacteria. At this time only use does not produce ozone ultraviolet lamp can; The uv lamp can use special quartz glass filter to the stench. Photolysis oxidation production water, industrial production in need of clean, after used for a variety of utility of water disinfection sterilization, such as food and beverage industry as well as cosmetics, washing and cleaning in the chemical industry and the automotive industry and the production process, the water need to be recycled and reused. Drinking water, health and safety of drinking water supply is to ensure that health, an important factor to prevent disease. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp can sterilization of drinking water treatment, without using chemicals, the taste of water, odor or no effect on PH. Won't produce special advantages: pathogens for uv resistance. Working principle of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp: traditional lampblack purification system only treated with drugs. And wide bright source of ozone production ultraviolet lamp USES 'photolysis oxidation' principle, separating oil thoroughly and change the way of its existence. To 'cold kitchen lampblack machine oil combustion', without residual oil after purification treatment, and into the fire, thorough sterilization and odor removal. Industrial water treatment surface activation and clean 254 nm and 185 nm wavelength of the photon energy can directly cut off the covalence molecular organic matter, organic matter molecular activation. At the same time, the 185 nm wavelength ultraviolet light energy into making oxygen in the air, O2) Decomposed into ozone ( O3) ; And 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet light energy can be decomposed into O2 and O3 reactive oxygen species ( O) The photosensitive oxygen reaction process is continuous. In these two short wave under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the generation and decomposition of ozone will continue, will ensure continued the generation of reactive oxygen atoms, and more and more, as a result of active oxygen atoms ( O) Has a strong oxidation, and the activation of the organic matter ( The hydrocarbons) Molecular oxidation reaction, the volatile gas ( Such as CO2, CO, H2O, NO, etc. ) Transgression surfaces, thus thoroughly remove adhesion on the surface of organic pollutants. Uv curing light, UV) Curing is the use of light initiator ( Photosensitizer) Light sensitivity, light under ultraviolet light irradiation caused form stimulate ecological molecules, decomposed into free radicals or ion, make unsaturated organic aggregated, grafting and crosslinking reaction to achieve the purpose of curing. Light dechlorination of chlorine is usually used in the water of the swimming pool, SPA SPA pool disinfection. When chlorine reaction with sweat, urine, fat or other substances, can produce by-products chloramine ( United chloride) 。 Disinfection by-products will appear above the surface of the water in the pool, will these substances in the swimmer, science report suspected cross-linked with amine ( TCA) Can lead to asthma and allergic diseases in children. UV ultraviolet proved to be reliable technology to remove the chloramine, ultraviolet (UV) contains the energy of the decomposition chloramine ( Wavelength) 。 Microbial resistance to chlorine salt at the same time, such as cryptosporidium and giardia by human or animal feces into the outdoor swimming pool, can be killed by ultraviolet effectively. Photochemical reaction in the field of chemical synthesis, photochemical process is especially suitable for make response quickly and selectively. By selecting different lamp or using filtering technology, not only can limit spectral range, and can be selectively for chemical reaction. Photochemical synthesis can not only in a batch reactor or straight flow reactor for reaction, and can be big or small. In contrast to the thermal process, the light can be induced reaction at room temperature, as a result, even if it is unstable sensitive material will be processed. Risk and the scrap rate to a minimum. Using micro reactor accords with a requirement not only realizes the reaction process, and also can processing important ( As with explosion danger) Material. Remove the peculiar smell can produce ozone ultraviolet can be used to remove the peculiar smell. Most of these peculiar smell generated in a commercial kitchen exhaust and stimulation can produce a strong smell of food plants, like the fish exhaust pipe, the food processing industry, sewage treatment equipment, etc. If these are irritating smell of gas diffusion to the nearby residential area, will produce a gas pollution. People in some countries such as Sweden, specifies the laws to control emissions and processing, in order to reduce air pollution from the restaurant. Use ultraviolet light to deal with waste gas is a simple method, it can prevent gas pollution problem, reached the requirements of state law, and the cost is low. Above is where can use ultraviolet germicidal lamp detailed answers, believe that you must have some knowledge of ultraviolet germicidal lamp.
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