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What’s UV-C Germicidal Lamp? What Are Its Benefits In Meat Processing Facility?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-02-10

Whats UV-C Germicidal Lamp?


UV-C germicidal lamp is a lamp using UV-C radiation to offer disinfection effect. Ultraviolet is part of the light spectrum. It is classified into three wavelength ranges. The first one is the UV-C. Its wavelength is about 100nm to 280nm. The next one is UV-B, whose wavelength is longer than UV-Cs, about 280-315nm. The final one is UV-A. It has the longest wavelength, 315 - 400nm. Products for water purification, air disinfection, and surface sterilization use the first type of UV ray, UV-C.


Germicidal UV-C lamp plays the role of sterilizing through deactivating the DNA of bacteria and other microbes, which destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease. To be specific, UC-C damages the nucleic acid of microbes by forming covalent bonds between some adjacent bases, thereby preventing the DNA from replication. When the microbes cannot reproduce, they die.


UV-C germicidal technology is a kind of non-chemical approach of sterilizing water, air, and surfaces. In its disinfection process, nothing is added, which makes it easy and inexpensive to use and maintain.

 UV Lamp Aquarium Submersible UV Germicidal Lamp

Germicidal UV-C Light Products Benefit Meat Processing Facility A Lot


Powerful UV-C ray has been proved effective to damage the DNA of a vast variety of microbes, such as bacteria and mold. UV-C light products are widely used in meat processing factories to sterilize their facility and improve their meat hygiene, quality, and safety.


Studies show that the 254nm UV germicidal lamp offers radiation that is lethal to pathogenic bacteria, such as E. coli. Salmonella, L. monocytogens (Listeria), spoilage bacteria, mole, as well as virus. It thus can be used to protect various areas of the meat processing facility, including meat hooks, rails, conveyor belts, sidewalls, from the pollution of mold and slime. It can significantly improve the sanitary of meat processing facilities.


Besides, all areas of the facility using germicidal UV light fitting can be easily cleaned. And it reduces the frequency of cleaning in the meantime, which minimizes downtime of machines and operational loss.

 UV Lamp Aquarium Submersible UV Germicidal Lamp

Germicidal UV Lamp Fixture for Slaughtering Room


There is a very large amount of bacteria growing in the slaughtering room. Even the most thorough washing and cleaning cannot completely remove odors or prevent slime and mold from building on the walls. A germicidal UV lamp fixture can solve this headache effectively.


Germicidal UV-C Light Products for Sausage Room


The growth of mold on the outer surface and inside of sausages and hot dogs can be traced to the production processes of grinding, mixing, and stuffing. During these processes, slime-forming and mold spore bacteria might settle on and develop on the products. Once the products are stored in cooling rooms, the mold and slime continue to grow.


During smoking and curing, the temperature is usually high enough to kill molds and slime molds outside the product. Unfortunately, if these products are not irradiated, cooling Chambers and storage rooms may be ideal environments for these airborne bacteria to grow. Airborne microbes can be greatly reduced in cutting, grinding and stuffing rooms using germicidal UV-C light products.


Germicidal UV-C Light for Conveyor Belts


The conveyor has a large number of moving parts, as well as areas that are difficult to clean and disinfect regularly. As it is not easy to disinfect all surfaces, nooks, crannies and moving parts, the conveyor belt is the perfect environment for pathogens and spoilage bacteria to multiply and spread. Long downtime of machine for detailed and thorough cleaning equates to higher production costs and a loss of revenue.


You could simply install a UV-C germicidal lamp above and on one side of the conveyor belt to effectively render those bacteria to death during processing.


What Dose of Germicidal UV-C Radiation Is Needed?


The effectiveness of disinfection, to a great extent, depends on an appropriate dose of UV-C radiation. There are a number of factors affecting the dosage needed. Here are some factors to consider:


1. How large the area of air, water, or surfaces to be treated;


2. The frequency of disinfection and UV light sterilization time - whether continuous, between slaughters or personnel shifts, or during major disinfection cleanings;


3. Distance to the treatment surface;


4. Specific microbes to be eradicated;


Here at LiangYueLiang, our highly trained UV application experts will work with you to help you choose the most appropriate dosage for your specific needs.



Features of Our Germicidal UV light

 1. Our UV-C 4 pin UV germicidal lamp is slim straight shape single end with 4 pins. It is good for water disinfection and air sterilization.


2. The slim straight design makes it flexible and space-saved for small disinfection units.


3. The single-end electrode design makes the electric connection easier and more convenient.


4. It offers long-lasting, stable and high UVC output with the minimum attenuation. Even after 80,000 hours of radiation, it can still offer 80% of initial UV output.


5. It is made of PACIFIC quartz glass (ppm<=8) with high purity to ensure effective penetration of UV-C radiation for better sterilization effect.


6. It is CE & RoHS certified and guaranteed for 1 year.


 GPH series UV-C 4 pin uv germicidal lamp

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