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What's the difference between medical ultraviolet disinfection lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-21
Medical ultraviolet disinfection lamp and household germicidal lamp: the difference between a medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp is a way of effective disinfection purification, ultraviolet light by blocking DNA replication, which cut off organisms breeding, to achieve the effect of purification. Medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp is actually belongs to a kind of low pressure mercury lamp, and common fluorescent lamp, using low pressure mercury vapor ( < 10 - 2Pa) Ultraviolet light is emitted after launch. So that bacteria, viruses cannot infringe on the immune system, such as 253. 7 nm wavelength of ultraviolet ray has high efficient sterilization ability. 。 In a certain time and under the action of UV irradiance, can effective sterilization, ultraviolet germicidal lamp is wide used in the air, all kinds of material surface, disinfection of water or other liquid. There are more and more family pet owners, we all know that pets with virus germs, easy to cause the old man and children infected with bacteria that have certain influence to the health. General family will use 84 disinfection disinfectant to clean, not only pungent smell, and has a damage on the skin, also some families choose the household disinfection ultraviolet disinfection lamp, so, what's the difference between household and medical ultraviolet disinfection lamp? Home to 10 - ultraviolet disinfection lamp 15 square meters room for effective disinfection, especially domestic bedroom disinfection ( Especially not see the shadow of the bedroom sun) By ultraviolet (uv) radiation on bedding furniture supplies a thorough sterilization disinfection of indoor air, home have old infant patients pet should be long time in the bedroom and utensils air disinfection sterilization has confirmed family more healthy. Household disinfection of ultraviolet disinfection lamp can be automatically shut down after 70 minutes, do not need to open the window well ventilated.
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