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What role does the fish tank in the uv lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-07
Aquarium ultraviolet germicidal lamps function: can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria in water body, at the same time of algae have the effect of inhibiting aquarium lamp, ultraviolet disinfection lamp quite is a very good fish farming equipment, its treatment effect of ozone machine, but no more perfect ozone machine processing. The biggest difference between it and the ozone machine 'is an indirect role, a direct role', both applied to family fish is very convenient and practical. Extending reading: fish tank, a live fish tank, cylinder body transparent, more for glass quality, can also be used to raise tropical fish or goldfish ornamental effect. Fish species: 1, the common glass fish tank, emerald, fragile, transparency is not high, the rain aging deformation under the sun. 2, acrylic glass fish tank: similar to organic glass and common glass a glass material, between the original used in airplanes, early corner aquarium also mostly use in Cleveland, glass, light weight, strong toughness, must be integrated, easy to scratch, A bit like the characteristics of organic glass) Transparency is low! 3, float glass fish tank: clear float glass is glass paste is entered into the tin bath control gate, due to the gravity and surface tension itself after floating on the surface of the molten tin, xu cold trough, into the smooth glass on both sides evenly, made from corrugated disappear. Dark green, smooth surface, without ripples, transparency, a certain toughness. 4, toughened glass fish tank, toughened glass is heating the glass to softening point and then air cooling it sharply from a kind of high-strength safety glass. Under the same thickness, the bending strength of toughened glass is higher than common glass 4-5 times, 5 times higher than common glass impact strength. The thermal stability of toughened glass level is strong enough to withstand severe temperature changes without breaking. Security is most characteristic of toughened glass, the broken glass into a honeycomb-like granules after, can avoid the harm to human body. Note: after the steel processing glass, can no longer be cutting, drilling, slotting, etc. As broken glass into a honeycomb-like granules, completely beyond repair, so don't recommend use on aquatic animals box! 5, crystal glass fish tank, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, but fragile. Remove the external force factors, it is still a lot of the fish in the fish tank and classification of dream aquarium. 6, organic glass fish tank, is a kind of development early important thermoplastic, has good transparency, chemical stability, easy dyeing, easy processing. But a lower intensity, aquatic animals use (except for some small craft cylinder Box) Outside, do not use commonly.
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