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What method is good for bottle disinfection?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-17
Which bottle sterilizer is better? There are many bottle sterilizers on the market. They can be said to have their own characteristics. Which one is better to use? In fact, there is no absolute answer to this question, which mainly depends on the actual needs of users. Some may think that the steam type is more convenient and simple, and some may think that the boiled sterilizer is more cost-effective, and the ultraviolet equipment that has only been introduced in the market in recent years is also a good choice. Of course, this can give you a satisfactory answer. Which method is better to disinfect? When you choose, you can refer to your actual needs. If it is often used at home, such as steam, boiling, etc. , it has a high cost performance, and its operation is simple, the resources occupied are also relatively small, and more importantly, the cost is low, and people's recognition of this kind of high temperature disinfection is relatively high. The ultraviolet bottle sterilizer not only has a household type, but also a portable one for the market. It allows friends who travel to easily disinfect the bottle. Under a certain intensity, ultraviolet disinfection can completely eliminate most of the germs, fungi, etc. in a few minutes. The speed can be said to be very good, which is one of the main reasons why people like it. Since it can be launched into the market, it proves that this product still has a certain amount of fans. Each of them has different requirements for bottle disinfection. Some pay more attention to speed and some pay more attention to effect, some even think that experience is the most important thing. The functions and performances of various products on the market are different, and everyone can choose according to the actual needs. The quality, effect and speed of the sterilizer are the points that users are more concerned about, different products have their own characteristics in these aspects, so there is no product with absolute advantage. In short, it is best for everyone to buy according to their own situation. There are thousands of kinds of hard work with a baby, and disinfection of the bottle is one of them. So what is the best way to disinfect the bottle? Method 1. Boiling water for scalding first, you need to prepare a special pot for cooking bottles. Do not mix it with the cooking pot, because it is greasy and causes secondary pollution. Next, boil the water and turn over the bottle from time to time, with someone staring at it. Then use the bottle clip to get the bottle out, and when you are in a hurry, you will still get hot. After that, the bottle needs to be dried. It is more troublesome in rainy days. The residual water is not dry yet, and it is necessary to worry about the secondary growth of bacteria. After a period of time, you will find that bottles and nipples that are often boiled and scalded may age and chapped, and the smell of milk is difficult to remove. Method 2: disinfection solution sterilization. There are many kinds of bottle disinfection solutions on the market now, but if the cleaning is not in place, there may be residues, and incorrect use may also corrode the bottle nipple. Some disinfectants need to be soaked for a long time to be effective, usually 10- 30 minutes, for mothers who count on every second, there is very little patience to wait, and it is very inconvenient to use when going out. Methods 3. LED ultraviolet disinfection LED ultraviolet disinfection, as a new disinfection method, has been chosen by more and more families. Let's take the new product '4th generation intelligent rapid disinfection cabinet' as an example to learn about the advantages of LED ultraviolet disinfection. 1. The '4th generation intelligent rapid disinfection cabinet' adopts 260- Ultraviolet rays in 280nm band can directly cut off bacterial DNA/RNA structural molecules and sterilize thoroughly enough. 2, LED ultraviolet disinfection can decompose odor molecules, remove the milk smell that can not be washed off on the bottle, let the baby drink pure milk fragrance. 3. '4th generation intelligent rapid disinfection cabinet' can realize 360 degree disinfection without dead angle, five-sided LED deep ultraviolet light source, total reflection at the bottom, so that bacteria have nowhere to hide. 4. The constant temperature drying and aseptic preservation technology keeps the feeding bottle dry and sterile all the time. The sterilized feeding bottle can be placed in the disinfection cabinet all the time and can be taken out at any time for safe use. 5. '4th generation intelligent rapid disinfection cabinet' has intelligent drying function. Intelligent temperature control drying system can detect ambient temperature, automatically adjust power and time, at 0- At an ambient temperature of 30 degrees, the bottle is dry when taken out. 6, in addition to the bottle bowl chopsticks, cups, toothbrushes, saliva towels, breast pumps, Hair Clippers, electric toys and other supplies, can use the '4th generation intelligent rapid disinfection cabinet' disinfection to taste. 7. '4th generation intelligent rapid disinfection cabinet' can not only disinfect articles, but also disinfect water and food. LED deep ultraviolet light does not contain mercury, does not generate ozone, does not change the composition of food and water, and is safe and environmentally friendly. 8, the disinfection artifact weight is only 1. 8 kg, equivalent to a disinfection cabinet that can be easily carried away. It can be used not only for disinfection at home, but also outdoors. It is more convenient to carry on business trips.
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