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What is UV lamp? What is the use?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-02

Speaking of UV lamps, most people should be very strange. They don't know what it is used for or where it is used, because it sounds like a lamp, some people may simply think that UV lamps are only used for lighting. In fact, their functions and uses are very extensive. They are used in industry and have too many functions, today, Xiaobian will come to talk to you about what the UV lamp is and its use and function. Let's look at it together;

1. What is UV lamp? Use? UV lamp is short for UV lamp tube, UV is UV (Ultra-Violet Ray)The English abbreviation. UV lamp is actually a kind of gas discharge lamp. Gas discharge lamps are divided into two types: Arc discharge and glow discharge. Arc discharge lamps often use UV fixed lines. Their working principles are: add quantitative high-purity mercury into the vacuum quartz tube to generate voltage difference between the two electrodes of the quartz tube (Pressure Drop) , Produce ion discharge, and then produce ultraviolet radiation. The power of UV lamp needs to be met (Generally 8 0-120 W/cm); The maximum life of UV lamp is recommended not to exceed 1200 hours, and it is recommended to replace the UV lamp with a new one within 1000 hours at most; The UV lamp is not used every 500 hours, and it is replaced by another UV lamp that can be used. Second, what is the working principle of UV lamp? Add a quantitative amount of high purity Mercury to a vacuum quartz tube (Mercury), By providing a voltage difference to the electrodes at both ends (Pressure Drop) , Produce ion discharge, thus producing ultraviolet radiation. Three, UV lamp specifications? According to the UV light intensity of the UV lamp, that is, the power of the UV lamp is 80 W/cm2, that is, the irradiation intensity of the UV lamp is 80W per square centimeter; 120 W/cm 2, that is, the irradiation intensity of UV lamp is 120W per square centimeter; 160 W/cm2, that is, the irradiation intensity of UV lamp is 160W per square centimeter; 240 W/cm 2 means that the irradiation intensity of UV lamp is 240W per square centimeter. Four, what is the function of UV lamp? Classification of UV lamp uses: 1. Low-voltage UV lamp is UV germicidal lamp. Its main purpose is sterilization and disinfection. In addition, UV- B also can be used for ultraviolet test, medical treatment and so on. 2. The high-pressure mercury lamp with strong ultraviolet rays is made of high-quality pure shi ying pipes, which enables the ultraviolet rays to penetrate to a high degree and a large amount of fast, the arc length/luminous correlation length can be unequal from 5 cm to 300 cm, and the most common power on the market is between 30W and 200W per cm, the power of ultra-large power UV lamps is generally above 200W per centimeter, and the spectral correlation effective range of the lamps is 350nm- Between 450nm, the main wave peak is 365nm, there are more than 700 varieties, power from 100 w-25kw. The main uses of this kind of lamp are product curing, photo exposure, healthy skin drying, ore identification and stage decoration, etc; UV lamps with a band range of 275nm to 320nm are called UV- B lamp, which is widely used in the field of agriculture, has an absolute advantage in promoting plant growth; UV lamps with a band range of 200nm to 275nm are called UV- C lamp, 3. Metal halogen lamp on the basis of Mercury UV lamp containing mercury and argon, iron blending, potassium blending and other rare earth metal elements are added to each other. The iron-blended halogen lamp particularly enhances 380nm as the highest peak of UV. It is mainly applicable to the curing of ink and paint, the exposure of dry film, wet film and green solder resistance. In screen printing and curing with color, especially the coating is very thick products and white, black drying has a prominent effect. Five, UV lamp can play what role in printing? UV lamp is also the ultraviolet actinic reaction in printing to accelerate the curing of the role of ink drying the role of ink.

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