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What is the use of uv curing lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-03

UV lamp is widely used in food disinfection, mineral water, milk and other fluid food sterilization process. Second, what is the principle of UV curing lamp? UV curing machine is modified by UV to improve the existing production efficiency, realize fast connection and linkage of multi-color printing, improve efficiency, improve qualification rate and reduce labor cost. Some industries have subverted the original production process. It is widely used in printing ink of paper skin, film, glass, metal, copper base plate and other materials, it covers dozens of types such as paper packaging, blister, IMD, sign inscription, display light guide plate, pressure sensitive sticker, wine label water transfer, sports equipment transfer printing, PCB, household appliance glass, packaging aluminum gusset, etc. Third, why is UV curing lamp used? Some glues contain crosslinking agents that need to be cured under ultraviolet light, so they need to be illuminated by this ultraviolet lamp. UV curing lamp is used to dry and cure light curing resin. UV curing lamp can be used in industries involving UV light curing resin, such as printing, silk screen printing, inkjet printing, PCB exposure, two-dimensional code, cigarette label, wine label, wood ware, etc. Its principle is to use the photochemical reaction of purple light. Four, what are the advantages of UV curing lamp? Several advantages of UV curing lamp: 1. Long service life: the service life of uv curing lamp is more than 5 times that of General mercury lamp curing machine, about 1000 ~ 5000 hours. 2. Cold light source, no heat radiation, low temperature rise on the surface of the illuminated product, solving the long-term thermal damage problems in optical communication and liquid crystal production. It is especially suitable for liquid crystal edge sealing, film printing and other occasions requiring small temperature rise. 3. The calorific value is small, which can solve the problem that the mercury lamp inkjet equipment has a large calorific value and the staff is unbearable. 4. The curing lamp is lit instantly, and the UV output of 100% power is reached immediately without preheating. 5, the service life is not affected by the number of opening and closing. The energy is high, the light output is stable, the irradiation uniformity effect is good, and the production efficiency is improved. 6, can be customized effective irradiation area, length from 20mm to 1000mm. 7. The maintenance cost is almost zero. UV curing machine curing equipment is used to save at least 10000 yuan/set of consumables per year.

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