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What is catalytic oxidation like?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-12
What is catalytic oxidation like? Many customers may not understand!

Photolysis catalytic oxidation is now mentioned in waste gas treatment and waste water treatment, and many manufacturers also provide various photolysis Catalytic Oxygen lamps. What exactly is catalytic oxidation?

Here is an introduction: Bright Moon specializes in producing photooxygen tubes and has more than ten years of experience in the industry, through its own technology, the lamp has stronger ultraviolet intensity, higher tolerance to ambient temperature, longer service life and better stability!

Catalytic Oxidation refers to metal materials as catalysts under certain pressure and temperature conditions, such as the oxidation reaction with air, oxygen, ozone and so on in the presence of Pt, Pd, Ni, Cu and so on, including 'adding oxygen ', both aspects of 'hydrogen removal' are considered catalytic oxidation. For example: for example, catalytic oxidation of ammonia: 4NH3 5O2 = (Catalyst, △)4NO 6H2O. Simply speaking, the oxidation reaction can be carried out by using air, oxygen, ozone and the like as oxidants through catalysts. It is a way of oxidation reaction!

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