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What if there are black spots on the nipple that cannot be washed off? How to disinfect after cleaning?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-16
What if there are black spots on the nipple that cannot be washed off? As we all know, the nipple is an essential tool for babies to drink milk. At the same time, it is also a consumable. After a period of use, there will be signs of aging, and some may have elasticity disappearing, or the color becomes dull and gives off an unpleasant smell. There is also a case where there are black spots on it. The nipple is mainly made of silica gel and natural latex. Sometimes black spots appear like inside silica gel, which cannot be removed by washing with water. In addition, the material of the nipple determines that it has good adhesion ability, and some tiny particles can easily stick to it and cannot be removed. What should I do at this time? If you only use clean water to rinse, or directly use the nipple cleaning tool to remove the black spots stuck to the silica gel, then it is recommended that you use hot water, but it is not good to burn the surface, instead, put it in a pot and boil it in boiling water for about 5 to 10 minutes. The advantage of this is that it can slowly reduce the adhesion of black spots to silica gel, so that everyone can remove it more easily. Of course, if this method is not successful, it is recommended that you replace a new Nipple. After all, this kind of consumables needs to be replaced once every 1 to 2 months. Therefore, for how to remove the black spots on the nipple, first of all, it is necessary to make clear what substance it is, and at the same time, it is necessary to confirm whether it is inside the silica gel. If it is, it shows signs of aging, can no longer be used. At ordinary times, every time these products are used up, they should be cleaned and disinfected. Besides steam, ultraviolet disinfection equipment is also very convenient. Its design is quite portable and can be used when going out. Interested friends can also light up the moon to see the introduction of related products. How to remove black spots on the nipple, because the nipple is usually made of silica gel or latex, do not use sharp tools when removing black spots, even smooth tweezers are not recommended, after all, if it is metal, it is easy to cause damage. Therefore, it is best to use a cotton cleaning rod and use water to wash it to see if it can be removed. In most cases, the black spots attached to the nipple will be removed, but there are also some extreme cases. At this time, you can find a small pot, after boiling the tap water, put the nipple in it for about ten minutes. This process may cause the black spots to fall off naturally. Even if it does not fall off, the adsorption strength should not be as strong as before, try to use a cotton cleaning rod to get rid of it. If you still can't remove this black spot, then it is strongly recommended that parents replace a brand new nipple, the original one is best not to use. Since the black spots on the nipple may be different substances, the above method may not work, but it can be solved for most cases. In addition, at the time of purchase, everyone should also see if there is any residue of black spots on the nipple. In very few cases, these unknown substances were already present at the time of delivery, most consumers do not know what this is. It is recommended not to use it for babies. After all, this product needs long-term use and is related to the growth and health of children. Of course, these are all aspects of nipple cleaning. Cleaning does not mean sterilization. We also need to disinfect the nipple after cleaning. For disinfection, the market is large, how to disinfect the nipple effectively after cleaning? Every time we are worried about what kind of disinfection is better after the nipple is cleaned? Because most pacifiers are colloidal products, it is very inconvenient for traditional disinfection methods, and the whole disinfection process takes a very long time, at least half an hour or more, and attention should be paid at all times, and it is not very convenient, and it is easy to cause injury if you are not careful. Recently, we learned about LED ultraviolet disinfection products in the recommendation of our friends. This is the star product that will dominate the disinfection market at present and in the future. It is efficient in disinfection and inconvenient to carry, has solved the problem that most people are worried about at present? Follow the disinfection! The brand founder ou Zong said: 'Let disinfection be as simple as washing hands, so that everyone can afford it. '
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