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What considerations do you need to use ultraviolet disinfection sterilization lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-22
Uv disinfection sterilization lamp is shining through uv, damage and changes of microbial DNA ( Deoxyribonucleic acid) Structure, make the bacteria do not develop promptly died or descendants, to achieve the intention of the sterilization. Real have sterilization effect is UVC ultraviolet ray, because C band ultraviolet ray is easily absorbed by the DNA of the organism, especially in 253. The ultraviolet ray best about 7 nm. Ultraviolet disinfection sterilization lamp to purely physical disinfection measures, with a brief fast, no secondary pollution, domestic expansion in the use of ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp. Shall not make ultraviolet light to shine to people, avoid to cause damage. The effects of ultraviolet radiation to the human body skin and eyes. The body will happen by short time upon the skin redness, itching, allergic papule; Shine for a long time will arrange serious damage to the skin, satisfy the dose of shine and even can form of skin cancer. Ultraviolet light shine is very harmful to the human eyes, short shine large doses can make red, watery eyes, eyesight whiting, long-term by ultraviolet (uv) radiation can lead to cataracts, and even blindness. Use ultraviolet disinfection items appearance, should make shining appearance by ultraviolet light and shining directly, and should meet dose of shine. By the light straight line dissemination, when meet item block, reflection and transmission occurs or absorbed. Ultraviolet disinfection requirements ultraviolet lamp wattage 1 or more per cubic meter of space. 5 w, shining moment generally is 30 ~ 60 minutes. And ultraviolet irradiation intensity is not less than 70 ū W/cm2, otherwise the sterilization effect not beautiful or invalid, can not meet the disinfection intentions. Ultraviolet disinfection of optimum temperature is 20 ℃ and 40 ℃, the temperature is too low will affect disinfection effect. Use ultraviolet disinfection of indoor air, the room should be kept clean dry, cut the dust and water mist, the temperature below 20 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃ relative humidity greater than 60% should be appropriately extended upon occasion. Use should also be wary of the tubes in scrubbing and cleaning. New light when using, can choose 75% alcohol gauze swab tubes, removal of dust and pollution of oil stains on tubes. In use process, regular scrubbing, completes the tube cleaning operations, avoid impact through the purple rate and radiation intensity. Above is the bright moon to talk about uv disinfection sterilization lamp need to pay attention to matters, you can understand and have a look. Need to consult more about sterilization lamp can contact us.
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