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What are the ways to disinfect underwear?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-18
To improve the quality of life, we need to put forward requirements for our own life. With the continuous development of today's society, it has become a reality that science and technology change our life, and we often feel that, what are the ways to disinfect our underwear in the future, and at the same time, there are more scientific and technological disinfection methods than traditional methods, which also changes our understanding of disinfection. Bright moon is the leading brand in the disinfection industry at present. Recently, we have seen their news on all major platforms and made some contributions to the coverage of black technology and the way to benefit the public! Which is the best way to disinfect underwear? 1. After washing, the sun is exposed. The washed underwear is exposed to the Sun, which is a disinfection method, but the premise is that there is enough sunshine and the sun is 6 hours. For the young lady in the south, it is impossible to meet. 2, boiling water, if you use boiling water to boil your underwear, 3 or 5 minutes can not completely eliminate the bacteria on the underwear. Moreover, after boiling with water for a long time, the underwear is easy to deform. Don't you think it's strange to use a pot to burn your underwear? And it's also very troublesome, but the underwear has to be changed every day. 3, underwear disinfection cabinet is inconvenient to carry out, business trip, travel is not applicable. 4, LED ultraviolet disinfection, magic underwear disinfection bag uses LED ultraviolet disinfection technology. 260 nm generated by LED- 280nm strong sterilization band ultraviolet rays can directly cut off bacterial DNA/RNA structural molecules in tens of seconds and completely kill bacteria. Disinfection for 3 minutes can even exceed the sterilization effect of sun exposure for 6 hours. In addition, ultraviolet rays can also decompose the odor molecular structure, which can effectively remove the mold odor of underwear and other items. In comparison, LED ultraviolet disinfection is more convenient and efficient. The underwear disinfected with the magic underwear disinfection bag has no bacteria, no odor, and can be worn with confidence. The above is what I introduced to you today. 'What are the ways to disinfect underwear? 'All content answers, and at the same time, you can continue to browse other relevant pages to answer questions about other product operations!
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