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What are the recommended methods for nipple disinfection?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-14
Can black spots in children's pacifiers continue to be used? Can black spots in children's pacifiers continue to be used? Pacifiers are one of the necessary eating tools for babies. At present, many products on the market advertise that they can bring breast milk-like experience, in the choice of materials, most of them use softer silica gel, and there will be no hardening problem when used for a long time. Although it can guarantee a certain taste, after all, the nipple is still a plastic product. Regular use will accelerate its aging. In addition, if parents do not pay attention to cleaning, it will easily be eroded by mold, once cured, it becomes difficult to remove it. If the child's nipple has black spots, can it continue to be used? Similar problems can often be seen on the Internet, and many parents have encountered this situation. Some friends will try to use some methods to solve the problem, such as soaking the nipple in boiling water for about 5 to 10 minutes, then taking it out and wiping it with a sponge stick to see if the black spots gradually shrink or even disappear. If there is still no change, it proves that the nipple has been seriously contaminated by bacteria, and forced use will only affect the child's health. Therefore, if you encounter this situation, you can try to use the above method to solve it. If you can't, you can only replace it with a new one. It is not difficult to see that the nipple is easily contaminated by mold during use, so it must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use, and there are many products on the market, for example, steam, ultraviolet disinfection and so on, each of them has its own advantages, some are suitable for use at home, while others are specially designed to solve the disinfection problem of feeding bottles and pacifiers when going out. As consumers, they can understand the products first and buy them according to their own needs. When choosing brands, they should pay attention to their quality. Price is not the most important consideration. What are the recommended methods for nipple disinfection? The nipple disinfection needs to be paid attention to by the mothers, and the disinfection method in the future will be completely changed. The baby's resistance is very poor, and a sterile environment needs to be created for the baby, all the daily necessities of the baby need to be disinfected every day, especially the things that need to be used, and other toys and other items are also needed! What preparations do you need to make before disinfection? Before disinfection, clean each piece of equipment. This step is very important because the nipple can only be thoroughly disinfected after cleaning. Simple Flushing is not enough, because extremely fine food residues may become hotbeds for germs to breed. How about boiling water disinfection? Boiling water disinfection is an effective method to kill germs. Parents often encounter difficulties in the process of sanitation and disinfection. It is generally recommended to put the nipple in boiling water for two to three minutes to disinfect, but many parents are not easy to grasp the right time, not to cook for too long, or to be too short. The nipple should not be boiled for too long, which will increase the surface viscosity, fine holes and accelerate the aging of materials. If the appliance is not completely soaked in water or bubbles accumulate on the surface, the result will be the same as when the boiling time is insufficient. This may slow down the aging of materials, but it cannot completely and effectively kill germs. What are the advantages of LED ultraviolet disinfection? LED ultraviolet disinfection is a more effective method than boiling water disinfection and steam disinfection. LED ultraviolet can kill DNA molecular structure. In order to meet the disinfection needs of the public, there are also many ultraviolet disinfection products on the market, such as the deodorant disinfection box, which can be used to disinfect pacifiers and gums. The above is about 'what is the recommended method for nipple disinfection? 'All the contents, what other product knowledge and technical understanding of ultraviolet disinfection can continue to browse other pages.
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