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What are the methods for disinfecting toys?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-09
How to disinfect children's toys, children like to play all kinds of interesting toys, but also like to take them to the mouth to taste, taste what they are, at this time, parents will be more worried that children will eat the bacteria carried on the toys into their stomachs because of grasping and eating toys. Of course, toy disinfection needs to be paid attention to. Among them, the magic disinfection bag PLUS in the bright moon product is still very good. It can hold many toys. It is simply a disinfection machine! Therefore, the disinfection of toys is particularly important. So how should toys be disinfected in the right way? That is to disinfect according to the different materials of the toy. Why do you want to completely disinfect the toys? Rubber toys are cumbersome when cleaning and disinfecting, because the washed toys, or after the children have played in the water, the toys will be filled with water, which is not easy to feel, however, if the water is kept in the toy for a long time, bacteria will breed. At this time, it is necessary to dry it for a period of time after cleaning and disinfection, and then give it to the baby to play after the water is completely dried up. If the fluffy toy needs to be cleaned and disinfected together, and it should be placed under the sun for a period of time. After it is dry, the filler is stuffed back. This is a bit troublesome, however, this can effectively prevent the filler from mildew. For the sake of children's health, it is more effective to completely disinfect toys. For toys used to grind teeth for babies, scientific cleaning and disinfection methods are required, it is better to use the detergent used to wash the baby's bottle to clean such toys. If you are still not at ease, you can also disinfect them again in anti-theft boiling water. Plastic and wooden toys are easier to disinfect. Wash them with warm water and dry them under the sun. The above is all about the methods of toy disinfection for everyone today. If you want to know more about this, you can go directly to other pages to understand!
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