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What are the applicable scope uv light? Sterilization principle is what?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-22
What are the applicable scope uv germicidal lamp? Sterilization principle is what? Uv lamp manufacturer: uv lamp of the scope of application: used for indoor air, surfaces and disinfection of water and other liquids. is to eliminate pathogenic microorganism in the external environment, cut off the spread of infectious diseases, disrupt the spread of disease, so as to achieve the purpose of protection of human health. Clinical is mainly used for air disinfection. uv sterilizer lamp sterilization principle: the lamp inside line is c waves, whose wavelength range is 200 - 270 nm, sterilization of center wavelength for 253. 7nm。 Ultraviolet lamp mainly by destroying the molecular structure of the microbial cell DNA and RNA, radiation damage to microorganisms inactivated so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection, ultraviolet intensity and irradiation time under the condition of enough, can kill bacteria breeding, spore, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, mycoplasma and rickettsial all microorganisms. However, ultraviolet penetration is very weak, the irradiation intensity and is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, and only in the irradiation on the surface of the can play a role of sterilization. At present our country is now the main production include these: power in 15 w, 20 w, 30 w, 40 w
we use most at present is 30 w uv lamp. Relevant product information: ultraviolet lamp manufacturers
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