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What are main products to Liangyueliang Photoelectric Technology?

Guangdong Liangyueliang Photoelectric Technology is a diversified portable uv light production enterprise integrating production, R&D, trade and sales. Liangyueliang Photoelectric Technology focuses on providing a variety of Plasma Ionization Air Purify for customers. The quality control procedures of LiangYueLiang starts from the receipt of raw material, over the precursor chemicals, up to the final cathode active material. Liangyueliang has an R&D team of 10+ experts. The product has already used in residences, offices, and industries. Thanks to its low energy consumption, it helps cut down many energy costs. Liangyueliang has a monthly output of more than 100,000 sets.

Committed to the environmental sustainability of our operations, we emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of water. We have reduced the water utilization of our factory in order to prevent excessive utilization of water sources.
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