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Washing dishes without disinfection is equal to white washing. Can the household disinfection cabinet really 'sterilize?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-08
Washing dishes without disinfection is equal to white washing. Is The disinfection cover of S8 small flying saucer tableware stronger than that of disinfection cabinet? For the improvement of living standards, everyone's requirements have also been improved, both in terms of spirit and material requirements, especially for the disinfection of bowls and chopsticks, which is very noteworthy. Diseases come from the mouth, washing dishes without disinfection is equal to white washing! Which method is better for disinfection? Compared with traditional disinfection methods? LED ultraviolet disinfection has ranked in the forefront. At present, there are many kinds of disinfection products on the market, and there are mainly three disinfection methods, including ozone, ultraviolet and high temperature disinfection, so can the S8 flying saucer we bought really be 'disinfected? What are the common disinfection methods in life? Which disinfection method is more popular first, the traditional disinfection method of high temperature disinfection, first of all, high temperature sterilization should be everyone knows the common sense, and this kind of disinfection method is also widely used in disinfection cabinets. Usually, a built-in Shi Ying electric heating tube is used to emit a large amount of far infrared rays (High temperature) Therefore, the tableware is sterilized and disinfected, and the high temperature can quickly kill the residual microorganisms in the tableware. Advantages: fast sterilization and disinfection, good effect, to meet the general household tableware disinfection; Disadvantages: tableware will become hot after high temperature disinfection, not suitable for immediate use, and there are special requirements for disinfection materials-High temperature resistance. Second, ozone disinfection of traditional disinfection methods ozone is also a very common type of disinfection method, and the upper layer of many disinfection cabinets will also use ozone, medium temperature combination disinfection method, among them, ozone uses the strong oxidation property of ozone to disinfect tableware by releasing ozone, which can destroy the cell wall of bacteria in tableware, thus affecting the reproduction and growth of bacteria, it can achieve the purpose of thorough sterilization and disinfection, while medium temperature can accelerate the decomposition of ozone into oxygen and oxygen atoms to avoid the harm of ozone to human body. Advantages: Ozone Sterilization is more adaptive, suitable for disinfection of various tableware, and can complement high temperature disinfection. Disadvantages: ozone can be disinfected, but it will produce some toxicity, causing secondary pollution and injury, so the use needs to be carried out according to the standard. Three, the latest disinfection method of LED ultraviolet disinfection, LED ultraviolet disinfection has become one of the most popular disinfection methods, the principle is that UVC can penetrate the biological cell membrane and nucleus, damage microbial body cells in DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)Or RNA (Ribonucleic acid) The molecular structure of the, causing the death of growth cells or regenerative cells, thus achieving the effect of killing various germs, such as bacterial propagules, spores, viruses, fungi, etc. Does not cause any harm to the human body, environmental protection, efficient! Advantages: environmental protection, high efficiency, convenience, thoroughness and high cost performance, and it is very suitable for disinfection of daily necessities. LED ultraviolet disinfection tools are all made using this principle, its core technology is LED disinfection chip, which can emit ultraviolet rays with super energy and can completely sterilize and disinfect mother and infant products and daily necessities! Is the disinfection cover of S8 small flying saucer tableware stronger than disinfection cabinet? Compared with large disinfection cabinets, S8 small flying saucer disinfection cabinets are more convenient to disinfect, and they can be carried around and disinfected when they go there, not only for home use, but also for outside use, in order to have a better quality of life, it is very important to do disinfection. S8 small flying saucer disinfection cover is a disinfection function tested by authoritative organizations, and the disinfection and sterilization rate has reached 99. 9%, this kind of hospital with the same level is disinfected, and it has different ways with relevant certificates! Not only can the tableware be disinfected, but also the water can be disinfected, which is very durable and has a variety of scenes. It is more practical than the disinfection cabinet!
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