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Uv ultraviolet lamp with 75% or 95% alcohol to wipe?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-24
Uv ultraviolet lamp is a hospital ward, therapy, checkout room disinfection methods. Due to ultraviolet penetration ability is weak, dust, oil lamp will directly affect the penetration ability, thus affecting the sterilization effect. So what is with 75% or 95% alcohol to wipe bulbs? The instructions on the use of ultraviolet lamp with 95% alcohol to wipe, mainly because of its high concentration, volatile, no stain, make tubes more clean, easy to ultraviolet rays penetrate. A high concentration of alcohol, such as 95% ethanol, the bacterial protein dehydration too quickly, make the bacteria on the surface of clotting protein degeneration first, will form a layer of protective film on the surface of bacteria, it's like let bacteria, put on a thick layer of armor to prevent it into the bacteria in the body, to kill the bacteria completely, the biofilm will influence ultraviolet penetration effect, thus influence the effect of irradiation. The concentration of 70% ~ 75% alcohol sterilization effect is good, especially the 75% alcohol, the osmotic pressure of the approximation, the concentration of alcohol and bacteria in the bacterial surface protein before degeneration can internal infiltration to bacteria, the bacteria protein dehydration, degeneration of solidification, eventually kill bacteria, ultraviolet penetration effect would not be affected. In general, 75% alcohol in clinical departments use more widely, such as immersion disinfection thermometer, detection of patients with blood sugar when used for disinfection of skin and so on, compared with 95% alcohol, 75% alcohol is more convenient and accessible, more human. The above is the bright moon to talk about uv ultraviolet lamp with 75% or 95% alcohol to wipe? , so that the clinical select 75% alcohol to wipe is ok, if you have any better solution or suggestion, welcome to leave a message in the discussion. Content is for reference only, want to know more consultation can contact us.
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