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Uv ultraviolet lamp several factors affecting the deep ultraviolet radiation curing?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-23
Under the bright moon about uv ultraviolet lamp several factors affecting the deep ultraviolet radiation curing, uv radiation curing deep, is the main condition after the molecules must have enough energy to absorb photons become excited molecule, decomposed into free radicals or ion, make the unsaturated organic matter into the polymerization, grafting and crosslinking reaction, achieve the goal of curing. The supply of light in the UV coating in the initiator of the UV light energy more than or less than the required is as follows: light initiator known need to ensure complete curing, UV energy supply energy scientifically is greater than the required energy. Ultraviolet light initiator need energy, blindly excess supply, this kind of practice is not only a waste of energy, will also cause the negative effects of excessive curing and implosion, the curing reaction, etc. UV energy is insufficient, will cause the UV curing coatings incomplete surface dry and wet inside. So in the process of curing, uv energy must be moderate, namely cannot excessive or insufficient, has cause cannot be completely cured. The effect of the thickness of the UV curing UV coating play a key role, coating thickness, in the same power source under the irradiation of the drying time is relatively long, on the one hand affect the UVI paint drying, on the other hand can make the base material surface temperature is too high, lead to deformation of base material; Coating too thin, can lead to poor product surface gloss. The UV coating thickness in the coating color, temperature, curing speed, base material surface under different conditions, such as the need to be prepared in the appropriate. Ultraviolet light and reflectors with the distance in 7 - as surfaces 8 ㎝ as the best curing distance ( Can the strongest energy) , but according to different curing base material, the average distance between 10 - About 15 ㎝. Distance is too low, because of the uv lamp surface temperature is very high, base material in hot deformation; Distance is too high, small uv energy, base material surface is not sticky, solidification distance with appropriate adjustments such as base material, coating, lamp power. According to different base material, coating, curing distance, adjust equipment curing speed, curing speed too fast, base material surface UV paint sticky or dry surface and inside; Speed slow, base material surface aging. UV coating due to temperature viscosity changed; Should adjust the room temperature, so the average 15 - 25 ℃ is appropriate, and pay attention to the printing cannot be subject to direct sunlight. To sum up: in the process of practice, should be constantly sum up experience, flexible according to actual condition, make its have good printing eligibility. Is the bright moon to talk about uv ultraviolet lamp several factors affecting the deep ultraviolet radiation curing, hope that can help you to understand simple description. Content is for reference only, need to consult you can contact us.
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