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Uv ultraviolet lamp is how to work

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-05
Under the bright moon about uv ultraviolet lamp is how to work? Ultraviolet light in mercury discharge tube: suspended mercury vapor this inert gas, consists of two electrodes and a quartz tube of insulator. Mercury in 254 nanometers and 310 nanometers and 366 nanometers to reach the highest point, radiation between 200 and 400 nm. Quartz block lower wavelength, don't send any less than 230 nm radiation. Each atom consists of a nucleus, in many electronic floating in a fixed orbit around it. Through increased energy ( Electricity) Electrons are in a higher orbit. Each of these elements according to the trend of a return to its original condition. Electronic will retreat in its previous track: excessive energy as a photon. Electricity is the most general use of ultraviolet lamp medium mercury arc lamp perhaps MPMA made of light pressure. It can be produced into a few millimeters to across the length of 2 meters. The life of these lights from 1000 to 2500 hours. Tubes made of quartz, because this is transmit ultraviolet light and at the same time stand 6 to the high temperature of 800 ° C of materials only. Tubes will have a few swell and do have a high melting point temperature ( 1100°(C) Made from tungsten electrodes: produce their process is extremely mixed and disorderly. Use tungsten, is due to the curve of the temperature to rise to 3000 ° C. To join the electrodes and wires, with molybdenum plate can swell with quartz. And still can endure high voltage when heated. Light was eventually suspended to ceramic ( Or otherwise) Insulator. Due to the lack of thought a MPMA light supply current often supply power, ultraviolet lamp to use transformer in general. Above is the bright moon narrative of uv ultraviolet lamp for us is how to work, we can brief understanding and have a look. Content is only for let's see, demand advisory understanding can contact our factory.
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