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UV sterilizer lamp can prevent a new coronavirus?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-16

Recently the hearts of hundreds of millions of people have been hold a novel coronavirus pneumonia. Outbreak, everybody for self-protection, panic, hoarded all sorts of medical and articles for daily use, but also sell a lot of questions.  He has engaged in industries related to tubes, only ability from the Angle of the tube to discuss the question with you. Middle of medical and biological knowledge, of course, is through a large number of information summary, only for your reference. Hope can help to you.

1. UV sterilizer lamp summary conclusion: ultraviolet rays can prevent 2019 new coronavirus ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'new champions league) , which is named 2019 - on medicine nCoV. Simple said the virus this thing. All creatures, including humans, are made up of cells, and the virus is not cells, mainly composed of protein shell and nucleic acid ( By one or more of the nucleic acid molecules, DNA or RNA genome) , so strictly speaking, it is not a biological, also because of this, can only live in a biological cell survival, metabolism, reproduction, once out of life, it will die in a short time. Specific how short, depends on the strength of the virus itself, general a few minutes, a few minutes of weak strong can even survive more than 48 hours. Member of the new virus, lan-juan li said: the new type of coronavirus can only survive in the dry environment for 48 hours, but after 2 hours of exposed to the air, its activity has weakened. The author understands, the new virus is through the RNA replication, antivirus and ultraviolet ray is the main role in the process of virus nucleic acid ( RNA) And destroy the virus protein layer, and then affect the survival and replication. This process is called on medicine & other; Inactivated & throughout; 

2. We usually use UV sterilizer lamp is mostly UV - C type, the main band for 253. 7 nm, the band ultraviolet ray can acting on the organism's genetic material DNA, the DNA damage resulting in loss of survival and virus replication. By uv lamp inactivated time in 15 35 minutes. So, if your home has a uv lamp, want to pass it to sterilize, please full 30 minutes when personnel is not present. In addition, the author has purchased an ozone ultraviolet lamp, the wavelength of 185 nm, the ultraviolet lamp can effect, with air to produce ozone, can effective sterilization. But have to say is, since uv and ozone can destroy viruses and bacteria, so have harm to the human body itself, because the person is composed of cells, under the sun will desquamate is the principle. To disinfection, please turn on the light again after people leave the room, then to open a window ventilated. For such thing as a virus, for the most part inactivated process was conducted in vitro ( Unless the targeted drugs or medical operation) , if people have been infected, what kind of disinfection method is invalid, can only through the body's immune system, or hospital treatment to solve.

3. Ultraviolet disinfection cabinet, of course, as part of their daily household disinfection equipment, uv lamp is a very good tool, including household dining utensils disinfection cabinet, etc. , have the shadow of the ultraviolet lamp. Note: the new virus pneumonia there is currently no specific, we ordinary people can do the most important things, not disinfection, but: 1, tuen good essential supplies, less out of the door, if you must go out, wear masks, medical surgical masks, KN90, N95 respirator can; 2 after you come back, we go out, be sure to wash your hands, even at home should wash their hands, wash with soap and running water; 3, we do not rumor, not letter dear, don't tale! But, we call on: ordinary people do not hoard N95 mask, please. Hope all of us will live a normal day. 

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