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Uv photolysis equipment waste gas treatment uv lamp tube real treatment of paint spraying waste gas

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-02-26

UV paint

For UV paint and other ways of curing paint comparison, UV paint viscosity is relatively high, and other pollutants, and ordinary paint waste composition, no different, it is only the early water curtain filtration, coarse filtration and interception, must be done well, to ensure that the exhaust gas entering the UV photolysis equipment is pure, to prevent the tube wall of the UV lamp and the corresponding filter plate configured inside. At present, the most commonly used spraying waste gas treatment process is UV photolysis waste gas treatment. The earliest previous UV spraying waste gas treatment process is generally: waste gas collection-Water Curtain filtration-Coarse effect filter-Activated carbon adsorption-Emissions. This process has some defects in the treatment process, that is, it is easy to saturate with activated carbon treatment, and the cost of future operation is relatively high, and then after the activated carbon is saturated, formed a re-pollution-Waste carbon pollutants, waste carbon treatment is very difficult.

Uv photolysis technology is used to treat paint spraying waste gas. The life of UV photolysis lamp tube of bright moon technology can reach 13000 hours at most. Between the normal operation of the lamp tube, no consumables are generated, in this way, the operating cost is greatly reduced, and no secondary pollutants similar to carbon waste will be produced. Therefore, UV photolysis has basically eliminated the process of activated carbon adsorption in the treatment of UV spraying waste gas.

Uv photolysis tube

Give an example of paint spraying waste gas treatment

In an environmental protection enterprise in Hebei, we Bright Moon cooperated with its company and made corresponding matching for a UV paint waste gas treatment project with 20000 air volume. The company's waste gas, the voc index detected at the air inlet of the equipment is 320PPM. After passing the uv photolysis equipment and testing at the corresponding detection point, the data obtained is 65PPM. In this process, activated carbon adsorption dust collection chamber is not added, we have already met the requirements of national environmental protection, and the process we have configured for it is: waste gas collection-Water Curtain filtration-Coarse filtration-Photocatalytic oxidation- High-altitude discharge, in which, the water curtain filtration is to remove most of the particulate impurities in the exhaust gas, the impurity removal rate is about 95%, and then enter a coarse effect filtration interception, after the two cleaning and filtration, the gas entering the photocatalytic oxidation chamber has few basic impurities. The purpose of intercepting the particulate impurities in the waste gas is to prevent the uv lamp tube and the corresponding filter screen from being pasted by these viscous impurities, ensure the light output of ultraviolet light.

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