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Uv light use and ultraviolet germicidal lamp use

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-24
The advantages of ultraviolet sterilization have? Wavelength ultraviolet ray sterilization effect is the most suitable for? Bacteria deoxyribonucleic acid ( DNA) And RNA ( RNA) And nucleoprotein absorb ultraviolet light peak in 254 - the strongest 257海里。 Bacteria absorb ultraviolet light, to cause DNA strand rupture, nucleic acid and protein crosslinking broke down and kill the biological activity of nucleic acid, killing bacteria. The ultraviolet sterilization quickly. Ultraviolet disinfection sterilization USES is very wide, hospitals, schools, nurseries, cinemas, buses, office, family, etc. , it can purify air, sterilization mildew, in addition, also can produce a certain amount of negative oxygen ions, the ultraviolet disinfection room, particularly pure and fresh air. In public, the ultraviolet disinfection, can avoid some germs spread by air or by surface. Long life of uv germicidal lamp, environmental protection engineering application is of great significance in water, water disinfection equipment such as pure water system, generally run in 24 hours, ultraviolet germicidal lamp life and high reliability is required. If the lamp life is short, replacement lamp cost is high, and it is not convenient.

as the change of market, customer demand for products, is now the uv lamp manufacturer in long life lamp development, cold cathode uv lamp series, outer diameter with 4, 5, 6, 10, 12 mm developed to replace the hot cathode ultraviolet ray tube series.

uv germicidal lamp need to be aware of matters:

due to ultraviolet rays can kill cells, therefore should pay attention to when ultraviolet disinfection can't direct illuminate to a person's skin, especially people's eyes, don't look straight tubes, ultraviolet germicidal lamp light because shortwave ultraviolet not through ordinary glass, wearing glasses can avoid injury to the eye. If not careful eye injury, usually harmless, like sun burn, serious can eye drops or human milk, help recover. On some occasions, do not use ozone tube, when high concentrations of ozone against people.

1, some domestic unqualified ultraviolet lamp can not provide the rest of the sterilization ability, when dealing with water after leaving the reactor, some by uv damage under light revival mechanism of microbes will repair the damage the DNA molecule, regenerates the bacteria. Therefore, to further study the principle and conditions of the resurrection, determine the minimum avoid light raised ultraviolet light intensity, time or dose.

2, quartz tube, the work of cleaning the outer wall is the key to operation and maintenance, when sewage flows through uv disinfector, easy to grow the microbial biofilm formation, these can inhibit the transmission of ultraviolet ray, affect disinfection effect. Therefore, must according to the different water quality using reasonable scaling prevention measures and cleaning device, is developed which has the function of automatic cleaning uv sterilizer.

3, the current domestic uv lamp to perform ZhiGuanXing low-pressure mercury quartz ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp of national industry standards, the lamp of maximum power for 4 w, and useful life usually is 1000 - 3000 h, and the effective running time of imported low-voltage lamp is 8000 - 12000 h, medium pressure tube also is 5000 - 6000h。 In contrast, domestic tubes can increase the maintenance cost. Therefore, the development and production life of long uv germicidal lamp or direct introduction of foreign advanced uv lamp production technology are the problems to be solved at present.

4, ultraviolet disinfection system bidding sewage plant in our country current, some due to a large number of import of industrial wastewater, sewage factory makes the discharge of sewage chroma deepened, but the sewage ultraviolet transmittance parameters in the tender documents provide numerical still adopted abroad, with domestic sewage actual condition difference is very big, the operation of the uv equipment meet the disinfection requirements for the future, left a formidable obstacles.
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