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UV light for wastewater treatment

UV light for wastewater treatment


Some people may complain about UV light is NOT useful for wastewater treatment. Then we would like to ask question if there is any pretreatment of the water before coming into the UV sterilization system. Then you may ask why do I need pretreatment and what pretreatment we need. Let’s see what’s waste water will contains.

Wastewater contains physical pollutants and biological pollutants. Physical including heavy metal, life rubbish, organitic material, toxins, emulsion, marco-solids, gas. All of these physical result in varies of bacteria and virus. In this way, only UV light is not enough for wastewater treatment. UV disinfection is the last part processing for wastewater treatment.

We need several pretreatment for wastewater treatment. The regular pretreatment we often see it’s filter, RO, gravity seperation etc.

Let’s take wastewater plant as example as below.


The other question is how many pieces of UV lamp do we need, how many watts do we use. Normally we named it as UV dose. UV does is not simply means the power of UV lamp, it includes many other aspects, and we normally mentioned 3 things, UV power, bacteria type and the time. And different bacteria will need different UV dose, and that’s likely called the D10 of the bacteria (microoganism). We could exchange more info about D10.

Our company Liangyueliang has been focus on UV application for water and air treatment for 17 years. Welcome any friend to discuss and exchange more with us.

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