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Uv lamp wiring diagram of?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-25
uv sterilizer lamp wiring diagram: q: hospital today to see , about 40 tile tubes so long, the glass is transparent, it is each side has two lines in the above, that is to say there are four lines on both ends, the starter didn't see, don't know how these four lines, and ballast, please answer: the starter to 20 uv lamp together how to connect circuit in parallel. Because the string word broke a lamp just don't know what is bad bad replacement! In parallel is different! Ultraviolet germicidal lamp wiring diagram method: ultraviolet germicidal lamp is suitable for medical, pharmaceutical industry, light and power supply connection as shown in figure, uv germicidal lamps must be allocated to meet the requirements of the form a complete set of special transformer magnetic flux leakage. Double side single head how connection: uv lamp uv lamp is not negative, directly connect the power poles on both ends is ok! The lamp circuit principle diagram ( The UV lamp circuit diagram) : the UV lamp is gas discharge lamp, filled with high pressure mercury vapour in the quartz UV lamp, or add a metal halide, glow after strong ultraviolet radiation, industrial UV spectrum of the light is 200 nm 450 nm to 365 nm and 420 nm as the center. The UV lamp power supply mode is given priority to with transformer in magnetic flux leakage, the primary winding is available in 110, 220 v or 380 v input, the secondary winding output 110 v to 3000 v ( The lamp power is different, different working voltage) 。 Circuit connecting one or a few capacitor, and then into the UV lamp, as a result of the existence of capacitor, also make the lamp current is stable. Also different, according to the number of the parameters of the capacitor or links in a different way, available capacity to regulate, UV ultraviolet lamp power to work half or full power working condition. Uv ultraviolet lamp wiring diagram method and the matters needing attention: 1, tube must match the corresponding uv transformer or ballast, capacitor is used, so as to avoid failure. 2, under the uv lamp should avoid contact with the hand lamp surface, the effect of ultraviolet transmission such as tube surface is dirty with need, There is no water) Alcohol wipe test tube surface to ensure that the UV ultraviolet lamp clean. 3, strong ultraviolet light is harmful to human body, should be properly, to avoid the ultraviolet light irradiation to the operators on the body ( Especially the bare skin surface) , need to wear a professional uv protective glasses when work, necessary to wear protective uv work clothes. The light spectrum ranges in: 350 - - - - - - 450 nm, mainly for the domestic and foreign import and domestic UV curing equipment, product performance is stable, can be customized according to customers samples.
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