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Uv lamp sterilization blind area have?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-13
Uv lamp sterilization blind area have? 1, can only give objects, Food) Sterilization on the surface, can't give the object surface sterilization; 2, object of multiple overlapping, cannot overlap to object surface sterilization; 3, can only give the object surface sterilization, sterilization can not give object interior! That is to say, ultraviolet ( Not visible) Where no light can't be sterilization effect. Finally, I hope you correct use of ultraviolet lamp, keep in mind the matters needing attention, to eliminate or reduce the influence factors of ultraviolet light disinfection. Taizhou ultraviolet lamp lighting factory is a professional manufacturer, the company is located in the beijing-shanghai high-speed, high-speed ningtong expressway interchange, the transportation is convenient, and with Shanghai, suzhou, wuxi, yangzhou, nanjing and other places, our factory has accumulated years of experience, and international famous company for the support of experts and photovoltaic technology research institutions. Now the company's technical level will increase steadily, and by the vast number of customer recognition. In order to further enhance the management level of the company, we strictly according to quality management system, further improve product quality, sales call:. My factory product quality conscientiously implement the national standard GB19258 -
2012, by the authority of the relevant domestic research institutions for microbial killing and electro-optic performance testing, quality determination of provinces and cities in two levels of health supervision, inspection, quality stable and reliable. Approved by the state ministry of health audit, our products conform to the law of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases and relevant regulations of the disinfection management measures, and occupies a leading position in domestic similar products, in the national medical department, environmental protection, medical treatment health enjoys a high reputation, quality for the customer.
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