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Uv lamp installation requirements

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-24
Uv lamp installation requirements ultraviolet disinfection lamp with its the characteristics of the economic, convenient and reliable disinfection effect, at the present epidemic is recommended for disposal of the outbreak of the air disinfection in school. Uv lamp installed what are the requirements? There are three kinds of common ultraviolet disinfection equipment: uv germicidal lamp car, hoisting uv lamp, mobile single tube of ultraviolet disinfection lamp. A, uv lamp installation height for air disinfection ultraviolet lamp can use suspension type or mobile direct irradiation sterilization. Lamp hoisting height from the ground 1. 8 m ~ 2。 2m。 The required distance from the ground 1. 8 m ~ 2。 2 m, is to consider the average person's breathing zone in this area, second, convenient wipe clean the surface of the tubes, and will not affect human activities. Second, the number of installed uv lamp number of ultraviolet lamp for an average of 1 or higher. 5 w /
m after, that is to say, the number of tubes and room size ( Volume) , can be calculated by formula. 19 w uv lamp installed, calculating formula for: room area * 1 building height. 30 w uv lamp installation of present 19, calculating formula for: room area * 1 building height. 40 w uv lamp installation of present 30, calculating formula for: room area * 1 building height. 5 present 40 three, considerations for installing the lamp number for an average of 1 or more. After 5 w/m, and we are one. 5 w to the formula, so the calculation results are increasing is rounded. When installing and using mobile uv lamp, should also pay attention to the tube spacing uniform distribution, the ultraviolet radiation intensity when the room can also be evenly distributed. Remember: these three kinds of ultraviolet disinfection device, only in the condition of no use. Lamp switch, therefore, should be within the scope of the operator controlled, or have eye-catching warning labels, in order to avoid the mistake caused by burn events, especially in the school classroom! Ultraviolet disinfection device only installed correctly, standardize management, safe use, in order to achieve the ideal effect of disinfection.
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