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Uv lamp disinfection method? Disinfectant and sterilization distance?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-24
Now most of the people more and more high to the requirement of the quality of life, and environmental health is very important to every family, but our ordinary life is easy to be some tiny bacteria mite infestation. Bring to life a lot of trouble, and the plague us, harmful material such as formaldehyde and new furniture, kitchen lampblack, etc. , so we thought about the use of ultraviolet lamp to disinfect, then let us know about the uv lamp disinfection methods. A, the action of ultraviolet lamp disinfection? Uv lamp belongs to the medical and food and other professional disinfection equipment, is now gradually into all kinds of public places. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp appearance, like ordinary, products have no obvious signs, mainly is used for sterilization, 1, uv germicidal lamp must be in the sealed space can have the effect of disinfection. 2, ultraviolet light disinfection range is around 1 m range. 3, ultraviolet light disinfection works by using ultraviolet spectrum of high-energy damage the structure of the microbe, has strong sterilization effect, so as to achieve disinfection purposes. Most uv device using traditional low-pressure uv lamp technology, there are also some large waterworks adopts low-voltage high intensity of ultraviolet lamp system and medium voltage high intensity of ultraviolet lamp, due to the high intensity of ultraviolet ray may make lamp quantity reduced by more than 90%, so as to narrow the area, save the installation and maintenance costs, and the ultraviolet disinfection method also apply to poor water quality of effluent. 254 nm amalgam germicidal lamp used in urban sewage treatment system, city water treatment systems, swimming pool, hot spring water processing system treatment system, air conditioning system, ventilation pipes. 185 nm amalgam of ozone sterilization lamp used for remove the kitchen lampblack, swimming pools and hot spring water treatment system, ventilation pipe and air conditioning system, process water treatment system, to reduce the organic compounds ( TOC) 。 Second, the uv lamp disinfection method? Uv lamp is made of the low-pressure mercury quartz lamp, artificial the mercury into quartz glass tube, after electrify, mercury gasification emit ultraviolet light. Sterilization by ultraviolet lamp. Ultraviolet sterilization have close relationship with the wavelength, wavelength - in 2500 2650 nm strongest sterilization ability, general symbol of sterilization for 2537 nm wavelength. Domestic uv lamp 15 w, 20 w, 30 w, its wavelength is 2537 nm. Is a low energy of electromagnetic radiation, ultraviolet penetration is very poor, ultraviolet ray can be divided into long wavelengths ( 320 - 400nm) And in the band ( 275 - 320nm) , short wave period ( 180 - 275海里) Three groups, 240 - short wave period 280 nm wavelength ultraviolet sterilization force is stronger, more commonly in 253. 7 nm to represent sterilization uv wavelength of 1, disinfection: on the surface of objects can be used portable uv sterilizer close a mobile light, also can take the lamp pendant light from close range. For small items to put uv disinfection in irradiation sterilization. In the 25 - Is the range of 60 cm, the irradiation time of 20 - 30min。 2, ultraviolet disinfection, Sterilization) Lamp of indoor air disinfection: (1) the indirect ZhaoSheFa: optimizing high intensity ultraviolet air disinfector, disinfection effect not only reliable, and can be used in indoor activities, general boot 30 minutes to achieve disinfection disinfection qualified. 2 direct ZhaoSheFa: under the condition of indoor no one, can take the lamp pendant or mobile direct illuminate. Using indoor pendant ultraviolet disinfection, indoor installation of of average number per cubic meter of not less than 1. 5 w, irradiation time not less than 30 minutes. What are three effective disinfection, ultraviolet lamp distance? Microbial wait until a certain dose of ultraviolet light (C Scale of 253. 7海里) After irradiation, the cell's DNA, RNA structure was damaged, cell regeneration, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection and purification. But uv lamp sterilization effect is related to the dose. Effective irradiation distance not more than 1 m, irradiation time not less than 30 minutes? If aseptic package for pollution cases, the duration of 0 days, if we can only open the package is 3 hours. That is about the uv lamp and effective disinfection disinfection method distance, believe that everyone should have a preliminary understanding, want to learn more knowledge of uv lamp, please pay attention to our website updated: lyluvlight. com
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