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UV germicidal light and novel coronavirus

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-04-28

At the moment, the speed of resumption of work in several cities has reached more than 80%, individuals have more time to go outside, and house disinfection has become very important. Medical Pot is a common disinfectant, but there are certain dangers in use, so many people will decide to buy ultraviolet lamps.

The relationship between Ultraviolet lamp and novel coronavirus

According to this popular knowledge about coronavirus released by the official website of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, human coronavirus is sensitive to organic solvents and disinfectants.

The main working principle of this ultraviolet lamp would be to utilize the released ultraviolet rays to inactivate viruses and bacteria to achieve the results of sterilization and disinfection, because DNA or RNA will absorb ultraviolet rays ardently and cause DNA / RNA to interrupt the chain, making the virus remains dormant. But, ultraviolet lamps can only play a certain part in disinfection and sterilization. The killing rate of bactericidal ultraviolet products to pathogens is significantly greater than 99.9 percent. On account of their effectiveness, they are now very useful for hospitals, medical laboratories, elderly care centers, fire stations and police stations, and airports, but can also be used in schools, government buildings, office buildings, and resorts.

Is germicidal UV light safe?

Artificial UV light, exactly like overexposure to the sun, is known to cause unwanted effects for humans like burns so that it must be managed following strict safety guidelines.
As a simple guideline, germicidal UV lamps should not run when anyone is nearby. The IES says there aren't any reports of long-term damage in the accidental overexposure, but there could be painful temporary effects.
Just trained employees should manage germicidal UV units, and make sure the product is switched off before performing maintenance.

What is far-UVC mild and is it safe?

Recent studies reveal specific wavelengths of UV light might be safer than many others while still targeting bacteria and viruses.
Far-UVC is believed to be just as effective at killing germs as higher ranges of UV-C mild, but less harmful to our eyes and skin.
One study in particular focuses on the use of far-UVC mild. The analysis concluded that 222 nm UV can inactivate pathogens but not penetrate the skin. The IES warns that safety may be based on the product's glass sheeting, or outer layer of this lamp.
Other studies indicate that wavelengths as low as 185 nm can kill germs.

Here's the bottom line when you are selecting germicidal UV products: make sure that you purchase the right light bulb for the right fixture and follow product usage guidelines.

Benefits of UV germicidal

Germicidal UV lamps are very powerful and have several significant advantages.
Pathogen kill rate -- Tests demonstrate that germicidal UV products kill up to 99.9percent of bacteria and viruses when used properly. On top of this, bacteria and germs cannot become resistant to UV like they can particular antibiotics and antibacterial products.
Restricted chemical vulnerability -- UV-C works in place of potentially harmful compounds. It's safe to enter a room after germicidal UV products disinfect the area, but it may be hard to breathe in a room which has only been sprayed with chemicals.

Lighting configurations -- There are several lighting configurations for germicidal UV light, including several types of fixture setup, mobile units, and industrial HVAC attachments. Mobile units are a great alternative for airports, hospitals, fire and police stations, and the hospitality industry because they're easy to move from room to room. Plus, mobile units are a budget-friendly choice compared to installing fixtures in each area. Avoid direct human contact.

Ultraviolet radiation may damage the DNA from the tissues and cause damage to the human body. In moderate cases, itching and redness can occur and in acute cases of skin cancer can even occur.
Therefore, when using it, make sure that no one is in the area, and close the windows and doors. UV lamps with functions such as delayed start and human induction could be selected as much as possible.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

Wash your hands frequently. Use water and soap, or disposable hand sanitizers including alcohol.
Don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
If you cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with a curved tissue or elbow.
Should you're feeling unwell, please remain in your home.
When you have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, consult with a physician. Call ahead.
Obey the instructions of the local health authority


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