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Ultraviolet ozone light heavy taste?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-11
Ultraviolet ozone light heavy taste? Uv lamp manufacturer: look at what kind of situation is uv lamp. If it is the uv lamp in the ordinary household disinfection cabinet, open the alexipharmic ark will winds can, but people still don't inhale too much as well. If is the photolysis of industrial waste gas purification equipment, suggest the end to increase of ozone decomposition catalyst, ozone can effectively decompose and dramatically reduce odor problem at the end. If ozone air purifier of uv lamp, suggest that ozone purifier should also increase of removing modules, design of a certain space placed to remove ozone material. If it is indoor lamp uv disinfection after ozone, without eliminating the requirement of time, open a window ventilated can, if you need to quickly eliminate, will be expected to do collection terminal connected to the decomposition of ozone equipment after discharge measures. Relevant product information: ultraviolet lamp manufacturers
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