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Ultraviolet light sensitive

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-21
The cause of the popular science knowledge: UV sensitive

any things are always two sides to everything, of course, ultraviolet ray is not exceptional also, UV have advantages and disadvantages for us, we use ultraviolet sterilization principle produced UV lamp, can be used to for the treatment of skin. However, ultraviolet ray also easy to cause some skin diseases. A lot of people sensitive to uv germicidal lamp, and there is a reason, specific content as shown below.

1, physiological conditions, such as menstrual early higher uv sensitivity, after pregnancy period and reduced susceptibility after delivery. Poor nutritional status of ultraviolet sensitivity is high, nutrition claim is reduced susceptibility.

2, color difference: generally speaking, the shallow color of skin, prone to insolation erythema, and rarely tan, on the contrary, dark-skinned people, rarely insolation erythema, but easy to produce different degrees of dark reaction.

3, seasonal changes: winter and spring relative strengthening of human skin sensitivity to ultraviolet light, and the sensitivity of the summer and autumn is relatively low; Age gap: children and the elderly to uv reactive is abate, the reactivity of adolescent and adult is stronger.

4, the influence of the disease, pulmonary tuberculosis, thyroid function hyperfunction, extensive hair sex dermatitis, tobacco acid deficiency, polymorphic sunlight rash, albinism and other patients increased sensitivity to ultraviolet, and chronic wasting disease such as low thyroid function.
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