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Ultraviolet light disinfection principle

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-07
Ultraviolet lamp manufacturers: electromagnetic wave, ultraviolet (uv) is a kind of low energy because of has good antiseptic effect and is widely used in medical, health and epidemic prevention, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other departments. But how to correct use of ultraviolet lamp, in order to ensure the sterilization effect, extend the service life of tubes, avoid fire, is the requirement of each operator first master, now talk about the past few years the use of the experience. 1 to the principle of ultraviolet disinfection ultraviolet irradiation, photolysis and degeneration in the thalli protein, bacteria of amino acid, nucleic acid, enzyme damage to death. Ultraviolet light through the air at the same time, make an oxygen ionization ozone in the air, to strengthen the sterilization effect. More than 2 uv ultraviolet disinfection method for air and surface disinfection, wavelength 2573 a. For air disinfection, effective distance is less than Zm, irradiation time 30 ~ 60 min, used for disinfection, range in age from 25 to 60 cm, 20 a 30 min irradiation time, since the light is 5 a 7 min timing ( Lights need to preheat time, to make the oxygen in air ionization produces ozone) 。 3 3 ultraviolet disinfection measures. 1 because we about air disinfection by ultraviolet light, so you must ensure that intact and correct use of the tubes, to monitor the quality of tubes regularly again at the same time, the intensity of ultraviolet lamp at less than 70 uwc/line should be replaced in a timely manner. Should keep tube is clean. Tube surface every 1 ~ 2 weeks application alcohol cotton ball light try again, remove dirt and oil dirties, in order to reduce the factors affecting uv penetration. 3. 2 tubes to should take put down gently, immediately after turn off the lights turn on the light, will reduce the lamp life, should be open again after 3 a 4 min cooling, can be continuous use 4 h, but better ventilation cooling, to keep the lamp life. 3. 3 shall, from time to time, keep the ward clean dry, after soaking with disinfectant every day special dishcloth therapy. With dedicated mop mop the floor. 3. 4 daily monitoring of the registered specifications ultraviolet lamp, must do room, lamp that register, Julie: set in the tube opening date, sterilization time and total time every day, executives signature, intensity monitoring registration, requires serious record after disinfection, perform and record keeping. 3. 5 indicates a card on the new tubes with ultraviolet intensity or intensity monitor to determine the strength of the light tube, to ensure the strength of the new tubes in 100. W/c line above. After replacement bulbs, mold use time start timing, the cumulative time of 1000 h after the tubes, timely contact with hospital infection monitoring professionals, to illuminate intensity monitoring of tubes, such as qualified to continue using, unqualified timely replacement bulbs, to ensure that the ultraviolet light disinfection effect. 3. 6 air disinfection, the cupboard door open all drawers, etc. To ensure all space fully exposed therapy, are of exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, disinfection no dead Angle as far as possible. 3. 7 for some clinics, laboratories and other departments to strengthen supervision and management, suggested to install the lamp time switch in a clinic, can eliminate the waste caused by negligence forget to turn off the lights work sometimes power supply and the useful life of the tubes. 3. Eight staff should do a good job in front of the ultraviolet disinfection arrangements, avoid in the process chamber, disappear, poison effect disinfection effect and from unnecessary radiation; Monitoring the nurse in monitoring intensity when the tubes, because the quantity of tubes, must wear protective goggles when crop monitoring, wear protective clothing; Have a uv lamp installation ward, ultraviolet light switch should be separated from other ordinary lamp or indicate, when accepts the patient with the patient and family members to explain can't open the lamp, lest cause undesirable consequence.
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