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Ultraviolet light disinfection for a few days again?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-22
Ultraviolet light disinfection antiseptic effect is very strong, is of great help to house disinfection. We often think it easy to use that can use it frequently, sometimes even using frequency speed up. To damage from ultraviolet lamp, we also know that uv germicidal lamp disinfection for a few days again? The lamp suitable for bedroom disinfection how long? A, how to use a uv lamp to disinfect room? 1, bedroom without sunshine all the year round, pillow and blanket easy moisture, afraid of germs can develop with the effect of ultraviolet lamp is very good. Use only the doors and Windows closed. If you want to bedding, clothing, light sterilization, the location of the best in about 1 meter away from the lamp, the sterilization effect is better. - usually sterilization time for 30 minutes 60 minutes every time. 2, the room should be kept clean to dry, reduce dust and water mist, the temperature below 20 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃, relative humidity greater than 60% should be appropriately extended exposure time. ( 1) High intensity ultraviolet air disinfector, indirect ZhaoSheFa: choice for not only disinfection effect is reliable, and can be used in indoor activities, general boot 30 min can achieve disinfection disinfection qualified. ( 2) Direct ZhaoSheFa: under the condition of indoor no one, can take the lamp pendant or mobile direct illuminate. Using indoor pendant ultraviolet disinfection, indoor installation of ( 30 w uv lamp in 1. The strength of the 0 m & gt; 70 uW/cm2) The number of average per cubic meter of not less than 1. 5 w irradiation time not less than 30 min 2, ultraviolet light disinfection for a few days again? According to the actual situation, different power, different room size, sterilization time is different. As my home bright moon light source ultraviolet germicidal lamp is 38 w, generally in the bedroom, sitting room, kitchen space such as disinfection, respectively, can be in half an hour. If the room is small, disinfection for 15 minutes. To that, of course, if the house is big, disinfection in more than 40 square meters space, it can buy a more powerful 60 w uv germicidal lamp, 30 min to 60 min. Disinfection of ultraviolet lamp radiation, people and animals don't present. uv sterilizer lamp use conversion project. it 15 square; 30 w16 square; Disinfection time according to the situation, general 10 ~ 30 minutes. It is recommended that you use for 30 minutes. As for uv germicidal lamp disinfection for a few days again? Then look at your room size bacteria more with less, the average family disinfection about a week or so. In addition, also is bedroom safe hidden trouble. The eyes & other; Stealth killer & throughout; By the irradiation of , can lead to eye inflammation of the conjunctiva, cornea and lead to cataracts, and other disorders. Therefore, we not only pay attention to the ultraviolet lamp use time, and should pay attention to it, the harm of human body so as not to cause harm. Germs need antivirus for different time, and now the ultraviolet disinfection also has a lot of kinds, when using ultraviolet light disinfection of indoor air. Ultraviolet disinfection is refers to the use of appropriate wavelength of ultraviolet light to destroy microorganisms the molecular structure of the DNA or RNA in the body's cells, causing growing cell death and ( Or) Regenerative cell death, to achieve the effect of sterilization. Ultraviolet disinfection can be used in chlorine and hypochlorite supply after the difficult areas and water treatment of chlorine disinfection by-products have strict limits on occasion. Ultraviolet disinfection technology based on modern epidemic prevention science, medicine and light dynamics, on the basis of using the special design of high efficiency, high strength and long service life of UVC ultraviolet light wavelengths of the water in the water all sorts of bacteria, viruses, parasites, algae and other pathogens directly kill. Ultraviolet disinfection are used for a small amount of water treatment in China, in the pure water preparation system application. Ultraviolet (uv) is mainly through to the microorganism ( Pathogens such as bacteria, virus, spores) Radiation damage and destroy the function of the nucleic acid kill microorganisms, thus achieve the purpose of disinfection. Germs need antivirus for different time, and now the ultraviolet disinfection also has a lot of kinds, when using ultraviolet light disinfection of indoor air. These are all need the key attention.
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