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Ultraviolet light disinfection attention points have?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-22
Ultraviolet light disinfection attention points have? Before disinfection, observe whether uv lamp surface is clean, found the tube surface dust, oil, etc. , shall be immediately 75% alcohol towel to wipe. Wet cleaning room can be, to prevent the dust float in the sky, to reduce the air particles to ultraviolet disinfection. Ensure that no human activity in the rooms, close Windows and doors, and outside the room in disinfection should be hanging sign ( Had better have fixed uv lamp switch on obvious sign warning) 。 After ultraviolet disinfection room should be ventilated take a breath. Room air disinfection should be kept clean, dry, reduce dust and water mist, the temperature below 20 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃, relative humidity greater than 60% should be appropriately extended exposure time. If the swab should stay on the ground after the dry again for irradiation disinfection, time is not less than 30 min. In a word, in clinical work, we should according to use environment and the location of ventilation condition, choose the appropriate air disinfection method. From the medical institutions in general medical services places named 'and' standard of hospital air purification management 'can be seen in the: for clinic and therapy in good ventilation conditions, can achieve the purpose of air purification for ventilation. For ventilation condition is bad, can choose the ultraviolet lamp irradiation or other ways for air disinfection. So, opening doors and Windows, ventilation, in order to increase the air convection, quickly make the external environment of the clean air to replace the foul air in the rooms, also can significantly reduce the density of indoor air containing bacteria in a short period of time to make the fresh air replacement of indoor air pollution in the air, can make indoor air bacteria, dust is greatly reduced, the purpose of purification.
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