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Ultraviolet lamp accident emergency plan

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-22
Ultraviolet lamp at present has been widely used in hospitals, schools and other public, in our daily life, driving incident has been reported frequently. Then, used for sterilization of ultraviolet disinfection lamp, can also cause some harm to human body, as a professional manufacturer of the high power uv germicidal lamp, hebei bright moon light sources to even answer for you; < / p> uv wavelength for 100-400 nm of electromagnetic waves. According to different wavelength and biology function, mainly divided into three bands, long wave ultraviolet UVA, UVB rays UVB and UVC short-wave ultraviolet ray, and the ultraviolet is mainly used for sterilization of short-wave ultraviolet UVC. In general, the shorter the wavelength of ultraviolet ray, the stronger the lethality, for a long time by ultraviolet radiation, can cause skin pigmentation, skin thickening coarse, light aging, serious can lead to precancerous lesions, skin cancer, cataract, etc. , so should avoid long-term uv radiation. But short time exposure ultraviolet disinfection lamp, the main effects of electro-optic ophthalmia and skin damage, the other is a very small risk of cancer. Is the bright moon above today to sort out about the meaning of some of the damage from ultraviolet lamp contingency measures, hoping to help friends, if you also need to other aspects of the product information and service, please directly call our hotline for counseling,
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