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Ultraviolet germicidal lamp use from time to tome what matters needing attention

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-19
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp use from time to tome what note 1, use ultraviolet germicidal lamp, remember that 'light', must be indoor. 2, the ultraviolet radiation to human body skin mucous membrane has certain damage, should pay attention to when using properly. If you want to work under ultraviolet light, should strengthen the personal protection, do not look to the naked eye light bulbs, so as to avoid burns. 3, disinfected with uv germicidal lamp, expanded the items out or hang irradiation surface, when the distance is not more than 1 m, 30 minutes. 4, keep clean and dry room, if the relative humidity is more than 60%, the need to extend the irradiation time. 5, use ultraviolet germicidal lamp, remember ventilation for 30 minutes first, then entered the room. All in all, uv germicidal lamps and lanterns has good sterilization effect, but need to use correctly, should choose the high quality product, details about installation method, if use undeserved cause certain harm.
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