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Ultraviolet germicidal lamp specifications and models?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-20
Speaking of family disinfection sterilization may everyone is naturally associated with the use ultraviolet germicidal lamp to disinfection, so how can we choose? What uv germicidal lamp specifications? Many friends will often ask these questions, the bright moon today is to specific look at together with everybody. A, ultraviolet germicidal lamp specifications: at present foreign brands in the field of ultraviolet sterilizing lamp Lightsource tubes belong to the United States, no matter from the performance, or service life, the lamp can work very well. Models: Zw18D17YG18PL/VH types: uv germicidal lamp socket models: G23 colour: transparent glass shell style: H: glass shell size 15. 5 ( 毫米) Length: 214 ( 毫米) 。 The diameter of the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp specification lamp from ф 4. 0mm— ф 190 mm, its length is 50 mm & ndash; 1200mm。 The kinds of uv germicidal lamp specifications tubes: ozone ( 紫外- 185). No ozone (band, 紫外- 254). Band. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp Ster - nearly 95% L - RayTM sterilizing lamp radiation of ultraviolet energy resonance with mercury 254 nanometer. Is effective against bacteria, fungi and virus destructive area. Lose the microbial activity and surface irradiation intensity and time needed for degree. When directly to the water subsides, SanitronTM water purifiers offers more than 30000 per square centimeter amounts of ultraviolet irradiance. Ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp and the outer electrode ultraviolet germicidal lamp, its system is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, the set of a pair of electrodes in wired up to the outside of the tube, in the high frequency under the condition of high pressure, and ac magnetic field generated in the discharge area. According to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, changing magnetic field will produce induced current in the tubes, in the case of mercury, the low pressure mercury and the mixture of inert gas steam discharge, radiation, 253. 7 nm ultraviolet light, and then through the wavelength of ultraviolet quartz glass tube into needed. Second, ultraviolet germicidal lamp technology for water treatment equipment of the specific specifications? Ultraviolet radiation sterilization disinfector, actually to put it bluntly technology content is very low, do not ask what big brand, mainly by ultraviolet germicidal lamp. Domestic uv lamp life is low, but the sterilization effect is good. Imported lamp life is long, but we used Philip lamp, sterilization effect is bad, can not meet the requirements. It is best to buy, tell factory how much is your water treatment. Model is based on the processing of your water, manufacturer of specifications is for you to choose. Models are manufacturers, such as Jin Hengye company, one ton of water capacity of ultraviolet ray, model is JHY - 紫外- 1, some manufacturers use a tube processing one ton of water, that is to say, 10 tons of water tube, some manufacturer with a lamp with 0. 5 tons of water, that is, 10 tons of water tubes with 20 or less. Manufacturers usually ask you some questions in and out diameter, pipe you tell him how much is ok. If no variable diameter. There are many manufacturers of uv are based on your site, in and out of the pipe diameter to make to order of the road. What are some three, ultraviolet germicidal lamp specification? Ultraviolet light is produced by after the outer electrons of the atoms being stimulated. Nature of the main ultraviolet (uv) light source is the sun, the sun through the atmosphere when the wavelength is shorter than 290 nm uv to absorb the ozone in the atmosphere. There are many gas arc (artificial ultraviolet (uv) light source Such as low pressure mercury arc, high pressure mercury arc) , uv have chemistry to make photographic photosensitive, fluorescence effect is strong, fluorescent lamp, all kinds of fluorescent lamp and agriculture to pest traps in a black light is glowing with ultraviolet fluorescence substance. Ultraviolet ray can also anti-counterfeiting, ultraviolet germicidal lamp and physiological function, can sterilization, disinfection, and to treat skin disease rickets, etc. Ultraviolet light particles sex strong, can make various kinds of metal to produce the photoelectric effect. What are the four, mobility ultraviolet germicidal lamp specification? Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is a kind of can produce effective range large ultraviolet (uv) light source of light. In fact in the general light source also tend to have uv, the sun is the most significant. In terms of general tungsten lamp, also in glass transmission ultraviolet may range of about 320 nm uv germicidal lamp, if use quartz bulb, also can be far away. Use hydrogen lamp or xenon lamp can further some ultraviolet light, suitable for 400 ~ 190 nm range. In addition to the helium light, krypton lamp, etc. What type of five, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp? As the change of the industry market, customer demand for products is higher and higher, now every uv germicidal lamp manufacturer in long life lamp, cold cathode uv lamp series, outer diameter with 4, 5, 6, 10, 12 mm developed to replace the hot cathode ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp series. What about uv germicidal lamp specification? Small make up has finished to introduce, hope the above introduction can bring reference value.
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