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Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is a special ultraviolet disinfection equipment

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-02
Uv sterilizer and uv sterilizer, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment. Consists of uv lamp, uv electronic ballast, the resonance cavity body, flange or silk, sealing components, quartz sleeve, control box of a equipment, is now widely used in many aspects to promote, market demand is big, the development is very agile. Ultraviolet ray lamp in uv sterilizer is one of the most important part of its using life and quality is directly related to the disinfection effect and quality of uv sterilizer, good the use of ultraviolet lamp life can reach twelve thousand hours, but due to the tubes in the process of using uv irradiation dose by fault attenuation affects the sterilization effect, so use import uv lamp. The high cost of imports of uv lamp, but is good for energy saving, environmental protection, at the same time use the higher value. Uv sterilizer cavity reacted containers within the ultraviolet disinfection of water, is mainly selects the high quality stainless steel through welding fine polishing. Uv sterilizer in the quartz tube is very important also, limiting uv C wave ensure and function more effectively. Uv sterilizer flange is used for connecting the water inlet and outlet flange is related to the quality of the uv sterilizer interface is durable and confined ability. And uv sealing components is used to protect uv lamp uv sterilizer into the water and water outflow, in which the quality of the rubber ring is related to the degree of clean water and durable degree, due to the rubber ring and water directly touch will easily by ultraviolet radiation ageing, cause costs. Uv sterilizer control box is for the manipulation of the uv lamp switch, start, protection, control, etc. , ultraviolet ray is choose domestic famous giant electronic components, to ensure durable quality. Above is the bright moon to talk about uv germicidal lamp a special ultraviolet disinfection equipment, hope can help you to understand it. Content provided by the bright moon appliances, experienced, need can contact us.
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