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Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is a kind of using the ultraviolet light emitted uv lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-09
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is a kind of using the ultraviolet light emitted uv lamp, killed inside the room air or water disinfection small devices of some bacteria and other microorganisms. Sterilization disinfector it works by ultraviolet rays can kill bacteria in the short time, the closer uv lamp is to be disinfected objects, bacteria killing more faster. Within the scope of the ultraviolet radiation, can guarantee the bacteria mortality was one hundred percent, there is no bacteria to escape. And some other sterilizer such as ozone disinfector, kill bacteria need ten minutes to 20 minutes, if the set time is too short, there will be a live bacteria. Ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp it is characterized by simple operation, long service life and sterilization ability, low purchase cost, frequency of recycling. Ultraviolet lamp starts when a larger influence on the life of the bulb. For low pressure tube, start need 3 ~ 6 min per time, stability time, usually 3 h per start lit a lamp consumption calculation effective use of time, the stability of the high pressure tubes every time is about 5 ~ 10 min, often by a startup consumes about 5 ~ 10 h effective use of time is calculated. Air disinfection and ultraviolet for water using ultraviolet disinfection has a long history. Air disinfection equipment for hospitals, clinics and purification has adapted to the room. Now, factories, offices and homes that are beginning to use air disinfection equipment. Warning: when using ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp, and the plants and animals must be left the scene, do not look straight ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp. Is the bright moon to talk about uv germicidal lamp is a kind of using the ultraviolet light emitted uv lamp, you can simply understand and have a look. Content is for reference only, need to consult you can contact us.
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