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Ultraviolet germicidal lamp installation method have?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-20
Now under the trend of the development of the increasingly fast-paced, ultraviolet germicidal lamp is used widely in people's life, variety is a variety of products on the market, but it is for the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp method still has a lot of people don't understand, often appear the consequences of improper use, can bring some trouble to life, under the bright moon to introduce the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp method to for your reference. A method of disinfection, ultraviolet germicidal lamp? 1, air sterilization: please close the doors and Windows when using, should keep my room clean and dry, since the light is 5 - Seven minutes after the start time, effective distance is less than 2 meters, sterilization time is 30 - every time 40 minutes; If after turn off the lights need to be open, intermittent 3 - 4 minutes to open; It is strictly prohibited in the process of ultraviolet germicidal lamp to personnel enter indoor, can produce ozone, ultraviolet disinfection process after the irradiation should open a window ventilated; Must be entered, should first stop ultraviolet disinfection lamp irradiation. 2, items, surface disinfection: to spread out the item or hang, make it fully exposed to direct illuminate light, ultraviolet light cannot penetrate the object; Surface sterilization, tube surfaces contaminated by distance should not be more than 1 m, in ultraviolet lamp radiation intensity meets the requirements, under the condition of irradiation time shall not be less than 30 min. High strength, low ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamp, illuminate 30 min ~ 60 min in effective range. Second, the household ultraviolet germicidal lamp installation method? 1, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp must be compatible with the same power ballast supporting can use. 2, Suggestions in accordance with the manufacturer to provide the wiring diagram of installation. 3, install lamp light box must assemble a good cooling system, to ensure that the tube heat dissipation and the substrates are not heat deformation. 4, tube must be with gauze dipped in alcohol wiped before computer the outer wall of tube, such as fingerprints and oil impurity, otherwise it will cause after ignition loss through the tubes, if there is a higher content of volatile solvent or work environment with dust pollution, every other week, please try use alcohol to clean tube, to ensure that the lamp is not premature devitrification. Three, ultraviolet germicidal lamp installation drawing? Ultraviolet germicidal lamp installation method: general ultraviolet irradiation meter by measuring a display and a detector ( The probe) In two parts, considering the measuring probe need to placed in the vertical of the light source below 1 m, the new LS126C ultraviolet irradiation meter probe is placed inside the small strong magnets, convenient measuring probe is fixed, in the process of as long as in the corresponding position to place the magnet can absorb metal objects, can be firmly fixed detector, then they can be tested easily. Four, disinfection cabinet, ultraviolet germicidal lamp installation? Disinfection cabinet ultraviolet germicidal lamp installation method, the alexipharmic ark in the screw on the porcelain lamp was laid down, open the porcelain switch, put up, and the ultraviolet lamp to ensure good conductive end contact, put on the porcelain, twist screws electricity try, OK to pay attention to the reach of the uv rays cannot be disinfected. Five, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp pay attention to the key points? 1, keep clean tube in use process, dust on the surface of the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp will influence the sterilization effect, so should pay attention to clean and environmental conditions on the surface of the tube, with 95% or 75% alcohol to clean once a week, recorded in a timely manner, and found the tube surface dust, grease, shall, from time to time to wipe. 2, sterilization conditions, appropriate temperature: 20 ~ 40 ℃ appropriate moderate: 40 ~ 60% temperature using uv germicidal lamp, should keep the environment clean, cannot have dust in the air and water spray, when indoor temperature below 20 degrees Celsius or more than 50%, the relative humidity should be prolonged exposure; After scrubbing should stay on the ground after the ground dry again ultraviolet light disinfection. 3, recording time should do well in ultraviolet germicidal lamp use registration, record the date of disinfection, sterilization time, total time, wipe arranged, tube monitoring situation, executor signature, etc; The service life of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp is 1000 hours, more than 1000 hours to change the bulb. 4, regular monitoring intensity measure, open the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp after 5 minutes, puts indicator CARDS from the uv lamp below 1 m vertical central place, will have the design side toward the light tube, after irradiation for 1 minute, the ultraviolet ray in design of photosensitive color piece with ivory into different levels of lavender, with the standard color piece contrast, can be detected if uv germicidal lamp irradiation intensity values meet the use requirements. Comprehensive above is to introduce the introductions of uv germicidal lamp installation method, hope to be of help!
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