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Ultraviolet germicidal lamp how to correctly use?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-19
A, household ultraviolet germicidal lamp how to correctly use? Using ultraviolet air disinfection, it is best on reflectors in tubes. Reflectors should be smooth surface, aluminum alloy lamp shade reflection sex is stronger. When the chimney square with ultraviolet ray direction airflow direction effect is better. 1, stationary irradiation will ultraviolet germicidal lamp hoisting under the ceiling, slightly above the person's head down, Positive exposure) ; Or fixed on the wall, lateral exposure. Although such irradiation only according to the local air, but as a result of air convection can make whole room air disinfection. Positive or lateral exposure to air disinfection effect is better. Due to the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is harmful to human body, so this type of device is only applicable to no one in place. If disinfection should be carried out under the condition of indoor someone, usable reverse irradiation, the ultraviolet lamp is fixed on the ceiling or wall, lifting off the ground. 2. 5 m or so, the tubes, the installation of metal reflectors, make the light reflection to the ceiling. Installed on the wall, the reflectors above the diagonal, the ultraviolet irradiation in the horizontal plane into 3 & deg; ~ 80度; About Angle range, the upper air by direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, and, on the lower air convection exchange of artificial or natural, whole room air disinfection. 2, mobile irradiation for no fixed place of ultraviolet lamp installation, can be used to move the ultraviolet germicidal lamp to illuminate. In no one place, uv lamp available activities do exposure exposure. Lamp 1 ~ 4 a ultraviolet lamp can be installed on each lamp can adjust the irradiation direction. For someone in place, unfavorable exposure, with exposed can convert by irradiation, which USES ultraviolet ram. Uv ram is made of four 30 w uv lamp installed in 750 px diameter aluminum circular tube, at the end with 28 m3 / min flow fan. The device on the fan, the air flows through ultraviolet sterilization tunnel. Second, the tank of how to use uv germicidal lamp? Uv disinfection is actually refers to the UVC disinfection. Ultraviolet sterilization technology is based on modern epidemic prevention science, medicine and light dynamics, on the basis of using the special design of high efficiency, high strength and long service life of UVC ultraviolet light wavelengths of the water, water to all sorts of bacteria, viruses, parasites, algae and other pathogens directly kill, achieve the purpose of disinfection. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is airtight, such as the belt of the UVC filter barrels, filtered water quality of irradiation processing flow at the same time, but in general it is not necessary to buy uv germicidal lamp, have good water. Third, koi fish pond diving ultraviolet germicidal lamp in how to use? 1, in the tank use ultraviolet germicidal lamp ( The uv light) , should be used in an airtight tube box, because any pieces of paper, common glass, plastic will sharply reduce the radiation intensity, so airtight UV lamp to people, fish, the grass is no harm, but can't direct illuminate. 2, 254 nm uv lamp only to cycle through the irradiation sterilization water pipeline, to pick on the filter material beneficial bacteria ( EM bacteria) No effect. Submersible sterilization ( It is recommended to use) , alone to complete nitrification filtration and sterilization process, filter cotton are placed in the first layer pressure pipe canal, can physical filter water impurities, placed the second biochemical cotton, collecting training nitrifying bacteria, finally through the UV ultraviolet germicidal lamp, basically won't harm the nitrifying bacteria. But within a week after adding nitrifying bacteria, avoid to use the uv lamp, because nitrifying bacteria attached on the filter material need a certain time. 3, containing ozone 185 nm uv lamp cannot be used for aquatic animals box for a long time, only applies to open cylinder before disinfection. Because of its produce ozone, along with the water cycle, will destroy the EM bacteria on the filter material. 4 don't normally open, uv lamp, daily or every few days and a half hour or so, Depending on the whole cylinder water completely cycle length) You can. Ultraviolet sterilization equipment has good flow uniformity, no dead Angle, light, sterilizing thoroughly, low energy consumption, easy installation and flexible characteristics, the main material of stainless steel, free of metal ion infection, product structure is airtight container quartz sleeve type, with electric control device. One of the key theory of ultraviolet germicidal lamp life 10000 hours, reached the international advanced level. Four, kindergarten ultraviolet germicidal lamp how to correctly use? 1, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp uv germicidal lamp irradiation will have certain influence to the human body, can't direct exposure to the human body. Let children leave when disinfection. 2, need to need to ultraviolet light disinfection space enough time, and to ensure that the intensity of the ultraviolet light enough, irradiation time: 30 - 60 minutes. Per cubic meter to 1. 5 w uv germicidal lamp, 20 square meters of space needs 30 w uv germicidal lamp, 3, the environment also has effect on the sterilization effect of ultraviolet germicidal lamp, the temperature in 27 degrees and 40 degrees between uv output intensity is strongest. High humidity or dust on will reduce the ultraviolet germicidal lamp sterilization ability. A solid sterilization environment need to keep clean and dry. Uv germicidal lamp need alcohol to clean once every 2 weeks. 4, ultraviolet germicidal lamp irradiation intensity only by incorrect blu-ray or whether to produce ozone is not enough. Need to use uv intensity meter testing on a regular basis. Strength is lower than 50 & mu; W/CM2 need to change the uv germicidal lamp, uv germicidal lamp has a slow leak phenomenon, in the ultraviolet germicidal lamp use after 8000 hours, should be replaced tubes and 5 normal 1 year once, use ultraviolet germicidal lamp sterilization time best can close doors and Windows, curtain, quilt, books open lamp. In order to achieve better sterilization effect. Kindergarten use ultraviolet germicidal lamp sterilization can better protect the baby healthy growth, kindergarten in the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp special attention should be paid to the above points.
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