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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp which brand good?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-04-02
With the development of economy, all walks of life have the figure of . Automobile disinfection, will be more severe. Especially during the period of the epidemic, infectious diseases, such as: 120 ambulances, buses, taxis, official and private cars and many other special vehicles, borne by many pathogenic pollution sources, infectious diseases or suspected communicable diseases are sitting on the car? Your space and interior tables with a patient, tuberculosis, influenza, the cancer, the SARS virus and other infectious germs? Ever think about how to disinfect? Think about how to protect yourself and the passengers' health? Therefore, how to solve the problem of the cars in disinfection, concern for many people. Now, Vehicle) The success of , solved this problem today! Use of ultraviolet irradiation, bacteria will be exterminated all inside the car and driving personnel health protection tools. Whether the car use or industrial and household, become the necessities of life in the future, so the question is to choose what brand of ? Together with the watch; What is a good brand, ? 1, road Yang LUV - recommend you to buy the United States 16, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp is very fine workmanship, aluminum alloy shell, philips uv germicidal lamp, a directional light, also uv protection glasses, with several sets of LUV - our unit laboratory 16 , this model, many agents are selling. 2, of what brand is good? If there is a power that must first ten big brand, after all, a big brands than those miscellaneous brands it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the o as to what are the top ten Suggestions under the good brand online query to the latest issue of the top ten , comparing to the top ah how may have the answer you want in it. 3, to see whether the light tube. High purity quartz tube, uv penetration is strong, hot cathode tube attenuation is small long service life, and points of ozone and ozone, if there is a ozone, aluminum or wood plastic LIDS as ceramic head is good. See USES, choose of ozone or not. Second, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp which brand is better? Few domestic is well done, is generally small, brand recommended to choose more famous brand like bright moon light source, is the current domestic good brand in the field of ultraviolet disinfection. The bright moon light, ultraviolet germicidal lamp, all of them are from 0. 5 w cold Yin sterilizing lamp to 320 w high-power sterilization lamp, and is widely used in health care, home appliance, water treatment engineering, space disinfection and purification, etc. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp used in places such as railway station, airport, hospital disinfection, the overall strength is very strong. Specially designed for household, 38 w, sterilization effect is good, small and convenient. Three, home of which brand is good? Household of I think don't see that brand, mainly to see the quality. We use is done with the ultraviolet ray to sterilize, not to look at how good-looking. Had better choose the most common, because the mature technology. Using ultraviolet disinfection is mainly to keep out the less tube lights, the better the results. More important is must be high strength. This is tough. Need to be equipped with high strength sterilizing lamp. Such as 30 w ultraviolet germicidal lamp is equipped with high-strength sterilization lamp can reach about 120. Domestic do well is not much, mostly small brand, recommended to choose cost-effective high brand like bright moon, has now become a uv lamp manufacturing experts, the bright moon, and has several production lines and a large number of automation equipment, realize the scale and standardized production, but also is constantly seeking to improve light equipment, improve lamp production plan, its aim is to produce ultraviolet output stronger, longer life and work more stable products.
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