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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp sterilization time how long?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-31
Ultraviolet disinfection lamp suitable for bedroom disinfection how long? Disinfection antiseptic effect is very strong ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp, indoor disinfection is very helpful for the family. We often think it easy to use that can often use, even use the total number to speed up. But also dangerous , is suitable for indoor disinfection how long? Under the bright moon light belt you know! Ultraviolet disinfection lamp is especially suitable for old person room, kitchen, bathroom, baby's room, the air inside the bedroom, items, disinfection processing, because it has a time switch or remote control switch machine function, make people in disinfection, from uv rays. , after disinfection, how long will it ventilation, will not have a harm to human body because of after the sterilization does not produce any side effects, as long as don't during sterilization have biological into the scope of sterilization, sterilization after close the ultraviolet lamp, personnel and so on to enter the room. Said a lot of people have to wait half an hour without necessary, after all uv but is a kind of light, light is no residue after close the light source, so as long as the switch off after won't have harm to human body. Second, how to use disinfection for the bedroom? Some room no sunshine sunshine all the year round, indoor article is damp, afraid of germs can develop with the effect of is very good. Use only the doors and Windows closed. If you want to bedding, clothing, light sterilization, the location of the best in about 1 meter away from the lamp, the sterilization effect is better. - usually sterilization time for 30 minutes 60 minutes every time. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp is using mercury lamp to realize the function of sterilization, the ultraviolet radiation from the radiation of uv energy is larger, it if there is no effective protective measures, easy to cause great harm to human body. Such as bare skin after this kind of ultraviolet light, light person appear red and swollen, painful itch, desquamation, The person that weigh will appear sunburn or solar sex keratinization disorder, or even cause skin cancer, cancer, etc. Ultraviolet ray also has destroyed by human skin cells, make skin prematurely senile. In addition, is bedroom safe hidden trouble. The eyes & other; Stealth killer & throughout; By the irradiation of , can cause a variety of eye inflammation of the conjunctiva, cornea and lead to cataracts, and other disorders. So, we not only pay attention to the use time, also notice it's a harm to human body, so as not to cause harm. How long it will take three, kindergarten school appropriate? Ultraviolet disinfection lamp general school campus is very common in big cities in the present, and mainly to disinfect indoor safety and health, so the school open kindergarten for how long? How to ensure the security of the campus environment? Generally choose when no one's in the evening, a few hours. The per cubic 1 tile set is enough. Generally more than 10 flat may have a 30 - of the classroom 40 w , no more than 2 lamps. ( If more than 20 square meters place can put 2 double tube of ) Every 30 minutes. How long open campus right above we give a clear answer, for indoor health still has a lot of help, so pay more attention to knowledge, or beneficial, all relevant knowledge in the bright moon light source website.
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