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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp really works?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-30
Because the influence of the new type of coronavirus recently, this answer every views is quite high. Whether to add uv germicidal lamp can kill the coronavirus. The answer is to kill. Specialized search the related information, confirm the ultraviolet lamp to kill coronavirus scientific and effective. According to a new release of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment of quick guide, 75% alcohol, ether, chloroform, formaldehyde and ultraviolet, chlorine disinfectants, peracetic acid can be inactivated virus. Practice really useful. Many people know that the root cause of a cold because of the virus or bacteria, not catch cold catch cold, catch cold catch cold catch a cold because of cold body resistance drops, the virus invaded to catch a cold. Less environmental viruses, catch cold catch cold is not cold. Such as during the second world war as a military expedition in which extremely cold area, very cold, but the soldiers didn't catch a cold, because there was no animal pathogens rarely perennial no. So use this, I use two three days to do the experiment: background: in a room I live every day, the indoor temperature 23 degrees, the northern autumn small thermometer and a few dollars, error three days before a two-time range: wear thin vest shorts, although want to wear clothes '' a little bit cold, but I can't wear clothes, or endure indeed as expected after two hours, I have a cold, sneezing + a small nose, hurriedly dressed a bath on the second day. Three days, every night have caught a cold. After three days: in the morning to go out at noon time two hours ultraviolet lamp, evening again like the first three days, although cold but really didn't have a cold. Practice proved that, indeed as expected to sterilization. From then on, often go out often open the ultraviolet lamp, almost did not catch a cold at home. Bacteria which come of? Go out back, the Windows blew in and articles brought back, and so on several people brings bacteria direct messages I ask to buy what brand, unified under the reply. The lamp was not a high-tech content, as long as the brands sell well, can. There are two main types of ultraviolet lamp on a treasure. Is a few money, plug is bright, the effect of leverage but switch will have more than 10 seconds time by uv rays, so much for a long time to spread out and ozone, dozens of another is more than one hundred and fifty yuan, with remote control, with open and close regularly, less ozone. Click on to go out, open automatically after 15 seconds. Dozens of minutes you can turn off regularly.
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